Marble Round Dining Table – Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy One

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A marble round dining table is known for its timeless elegance and classic design. Yet there are many things you need to take into consideration before purchasing one, including whether you have children and if you can properly maintain it.

Even though marble is quite dense and heavy, it is vulnerable to scratches and stains. However, if you can properly maintain it, it can be enjoyed for generations.

Advantages to Buying a Marble Round Dining Table

The table’s round shape makes it great for saving space if your dining room is small, or if it’s serving a dual purpose. Small tables allow for a cozier, more intimate atmosphere. They bring warmth to a room.

When marble, including white marble, is added to this design, it creates more of an elegant flair while still generating that sense of intimacy. A marble table will make your dining area both formal and classy.

 Other advantages of marble include:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Complementary to any setting and style
  • Timeless classical design
  • Durable if treated with care
  • Beautiful aesthetically

Beauty is the most important advantage of a marble dining table. Nothing compares with its timeless look. It’s an eye-catching conversation starter when you’re entertaining and it fits any home decor. These pieces never become outdated, and marble rarely needs to be replaced if it’s properly cared for.

It is also versatile and comes in a variety of beautiful natural colors that complement modern, contemporary, traditional, natural, or vintage dining rooms. Different types will complement different styles.

The nice thing about a marble table is that it can be restored by a professional even if it hasn’t been cared for properly.

Disadvantages to Buying a Marble Round Dining Table

Some disadvantages are due to the design, while others are due to the material. In terms of design, if your marble dining table doesn’t have “X” legs, there may not be a lot of leg room underneath and it might feel a bit cramped. People are seated close to each other at a round table. If the legs are attached at the ends of the table, it may leave someone feeling uncomfortable. “X” legs allow for more leg space, and the dining chairs easily tuck under.

Round tables don’t offer a lot of arm room, so they aren’t great to use as a multipurpose workstation.

Other disadvantages of marble include:

  • Requires regular maintenance/cleaning
  • Costly to refinish
  • Sensitive to cold, heat, and sticky substances
  • Dulls and stains easily
  • Requires the use of a tablecloth or coasters
  • Must be sealed
  • Easily scratches even if sealed
  • Not child-friendly

Marble tables–especially white marble–are unforgiving if you leave a mess. Spills need to be cleaned up immediately, so they’re not ideal if you have children.

Marble is also very fragile, so it needs to be regularly sealed, ideally once a year, if it is heavily used. If you don’t use coasters, you’ll find your drinks leave ring stains. Marble is also sensitive to commonly used products and acidic foods. Colas, wine, coffee, and household cleaners can dull or stain the marble finish.

Additionally, marble tables are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Nothing can be placed on the tabletop without a protective layer underneath it.

What Materials Will Stain Marble?

  • Acids/alkaline (ammonia, lemon, vinegar)
  • Magnesium carbonates and calcium (hard water)
  • Beta carotene (carrots and vegetables)
  • Tannins (tea, wine, and coffee)

Best Places for a Marble Round Dining Table

Marble tables are best left for formal settings. Since they don’t do well with daily use and abuse, they should be reserved for when company comes or for use in a formal dining room. Before purchasing a marble dining table, you should be aware of how you plan to use it. Due to the fragility of marble, these tables tend to be more showpieces instead of an item meant for everyday use.

How to Care for a Marble Dining Table

When considering a marble top, especially a white marble top, you need to be very careful with the material. These tips will help you preserve the classic look of your marble table for generations”

  • Clean up all spills immediately.
  • Consistently use coasters.
  • Invest in table pads or trivets to protect the surface while serving meals.
  • Only use a cleaner recommended for marble. Traditional cleaners have harsh chemicals and can easily damage the surface or dull the finish.
  • Avoid using wax as it causes discoloration and can turn your white marble to an unattractive yellow.
  • Seal marble as recommended. Not all types require sealing, so ask prior to purchasing the table for your dining room. Sealing it is easy, but you should use a top-quality sealer.
  • You can clean the table two times a year using a mild soap.
  • For daily cleaning, use warm (not hot) water with a soft sponge. The marble can then be buffed with a micro-fiber cloth or soft cotton.

You may be wondering if all the fuss is worth investing in this type of dining room table. But a marble round dining table makes a statement in any room and is an object of timeless beauty. Most homeowners feel that the effort in caring for it is worth it. However, if you have small children, you may want to rethink the purchase until they are older.

If your kids know that the dining room is off-limits, you may be fine with a marble table. But if anything is left on the table, if the kids play on or near it, or if someone bumps it too hard, the marble can easily dent or scratch. It may not stay looking new for very long.

Therefore, a marble round dining table is more suited for formal, intimate areas away from daily use. They are meant to be aesthetic centerpieces rather than items of practicality. The benefit of the small, round design is that you can create a formal dining area in a small space. It will also create that intimate atmosphere with that splash of class you may be searching for.

When deciding whether to purchase a marble dining table, you need to consider whether you can properly maintain it, where it is going to be used, and the surrounding foot traffic. It may be a great deal of work, but the effects are spectacular in any room.