5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Round Rustic Dining Table for Your Home

Perfect Round Rustic

Selecting a dining table is the most important decision you will make when furnishing your dining room. The dining table is the center of the room when it comes to both size and style. It can serve as an eating area, a place for conversations, or a multipurpose workstation. If you’re looking to add some beautiful, old-school charm to your dining area, you can’t go wrong with a round, rustic dining table.

Things to Consider

When you’re looking to purchase that perfect rustic round dining table for your home, always consider the shape, size, material, and style.

What Shape Is Best?

Even though we are specifically discussing round tables, you should consider all your options. Both room size and decor will play a role in which dining table is best for you.


A round dining table is perfect for small spaces as it allows you to move freely around it. However, a round dining table doesn’t offer as much elbow room or arm support as other designs. Therefore, you may want a different shape for your table if you plan to use it as a workstation.


A round table can usually expand to an oval shape, which makes it great for guests. Oval-shaped tables are perfect for dinner parties as they allow everyone to feel connected.


This style is also great for small spaces, and it is perfect for arm support. It works well for single apartments and small families.


Rectangle-shaped tables are best for large, open dining areas as it fills any excess space.

What Size Do You Need?

How big is your family? Do you do any entertaining? How you answer these questions will determine how large your table needs to be in order to accommodate your family and lifestyle.

For example, even if you have a small family but love to entertain, you may want to consider a round, rustic dining table with a built-in leaf, which makes it expandable.

This table will be small enough for everyday use without overwhelming the area, but the leaf can be added for extra length when entertaining guests. Some leaves conveniently tuck underneath the table, while others can be removed and stored elsewhere.

The Realyn Country dining table is a perfect example. It offers a distressed, rustic country charm while maintaining the quiet elegance of a formal dining area. For a table that is self-storing, consider the Sunset Trading Country Grove dining table. It has a beautiful, distressed look and a leaf that stores directly under the table.

It’s preferable to have a leaf that tucks under the table instead of one that’s removable. Depending on where it’s stored, a removable leaf can become damaged or warped. Or you might forget where you put it. Also, a removable leaf takes up needless space.

Here are the general rules of thumb for dining tables:

  • Dining tables that measure less than 60” across seat 2-4 people
  • Dining tables that measure less than 80” across seat 4-6 people
  • Dining tables that measure over 90” across seat 6+ people

When determining what size of table you need, keep in mind that each person needs approximately 24” of space for dining.

What Material is Best?

Round, rustic dining tables tend to feature a light-to-medium shade of wood. They have a simple design with either a distressed look or a country flair. Some have a farmhouse appeal.

While not completely rustic-looking, some tables include a glass top. While glass-top tables offer a cleaner design, they tend to look more contemporary. Only the legs, which contain a country wooden charm, are rustic.

The Picket House Furnishings Keaton round dining table is an example of a distressed, rustic table. Made from acacia wood with a metal border, this table is extremely durable. The pedestal base and raw, natural finish offer that perfect rustic flair.

For a more country-rustic or modern-rustic farmhouse look, consider Modway Column Rustic dining room furniture. With a 71” tabletop and a sculptured pedestal base, this table can accommodate 4 to 6 people. Constructed from old pinewood, this table is quite durable.

It can either have a shabby chic appearance, or it can be dressed up using padded chairs with an arched leg design for something more formal. The table can also be purchased in three different sizes to accommodate any number of guests.

If you are looking for an antique, rustic table for your home with intriguing geometric proportions, consider the Flash Furniture Farm Table. With a farmhouse flair, this table accommodates eight individuals. It is also foldable if you are short on space. Plus, it is made from solid pine wood and has a rustic stain to complete the look.

What is Your Style?

Finding a table to match your style should be an easy task. There are three main variations of the rustic design you can use for your dining area:

  • French Country – These tables are generally comprised of wood, but the style is curved or more feminine in appearance.
  • Farmhouse – A farmhouse table is crafted from wood and may have metal accents. It comes in either natural light brown or distressed white.
  • Country Chic (Shabby Chic) – A country chic dining table features a relaxed style with an aged/vintage appearance.

When placing your dining table, aim for at least 20” of space between the chairs and the wall. The ideal spacing is 30”. If there is a hanging light fixture in the room, the kitchen table should be centered beneath it. Rugs should extend about 26” on each side.

The great thing about a rustic dining table is that the style touches on so many other nuances in home decor. You can choose to go farmhouse rustic, country rustic, shabby chic (country chic), or you can choose a more vintage look. Hopefully, our tips will help you find the perfect round, rustic dining table for your home.