Why a Round Farmhouse Dining Table Set Might Suit Your Space

round dining table

Farmhouse styles are trending right now. You can see the farmhouse influence in the rustic wood accents and chippy, distressed white paint prevalent today. Whether you are a fan of the farmhouse design or have a more modern taste, it is easy to fall in love with a round farmhouse dining table set made of solid wood. It works perfectly in a dining room no matter what your style.

Top Reasons to Select a Round Farmhouse Dining Table Set

Everyone needs a dining table, whether it’s used for formal gatherings, to eat daily meals, to do homework, or to have meaningful conversations. It is a place for people to gather, enjoy each other’s company, and maybe play a board game.

Farmhouse dining room tables offer a comfortable, warm atmosphere to any home. They eliminate the stuffiness of a formal dining room and make it more inviting. Best of all, if you want to create a more formal space, all you need to do is choose different chairs. This style can be dressed up a bit as well.

Here are 13 reasons why you should consider a round farmhouse dining table!

  1. Farmhouse Tables Offer a Simple Gathering Place – The look doesn’t have to be vintage and rough. Farmhouse dining tables can be smoothly sanded and stained to offer a warm place for people to enjoy a meal.
  2. They are Sturdy – If you have children, you need dining room furniture that will withstand bumps, nicks, scratches, and rough play. Farmhouse tables are heavy and very durable. So, whether your child is playing with their cars or dancing on the tabletop, a farmhouse kitchen table will withstand the abuse.
  3. Fits any Style of Decor – People tend to refrain from farmhouse tables because they are concerned it won’t be suitable for their style. Maybe they don’t want that country look in their home. However, the great thing about the farmhouse style is that it is suited for any home decor. You can select from modern, rustic, or minimalistic styles. Furthermore, you can adjust the look simply by switching out the dining chairs.
  4. Round Design is Perfect for Small Spaces – Don’t despair if your dining room is on the small side or you don’t have a lot of extra room. Round tables are designed for just that purpose. They make navigating the eating area easy and can look very classy, even in the tightest of spaces.
  5. Tables Can be Extended – Many people shy away from round tables because they can’t extend them when guests come over. But you can find a small farmhouse table that is extendable and offers an enlarged seating capacity. These tables come with leaves that extend the size when you need a bit more space at the table.
  6. Type of Seating is Optional – The structure of a round farmhouse table is simple, so you can pair different types of chairs with it Some people choose to mix and match seating already on hand with some new dining chairs. A popular design incorporates wicker chairs with simple green ones for a pop of color while keeping that country flair.
  7. Tables Come in Several Styles – Farmhouse dining sets aren’t confined to just a wooden country look. You can also find ones with spindle legs, added leaves, modern designs, and planked tops to create the same look.
  8. You Can Always Change the Look Without Sacrificing Style – If your table is looking a bit worn or you just want to change up the look of the dining area, cover it with some creamy paint. This will provide the update you want without sacrificing the timeless style.
  9. They Come in Different Wood Types – A farmhouse dining set comes in various wood tones. If you are in the process of remodeling your home or just starting out, you may have several different wood tones to contend with. This type of table can pull various wood shades together to make your home look more finished.
  10. Farmhouse Tables with “X” Legs Offer More Leg Room – If you are trying to fit a lot of people around your round dining table, leg space can be at a premium. Farmhouse tables designed with “X” legs allow people to be more comfortably seated, and chairs can easily be tucked underneath.
  11. They Don’t Have to be Expensive – Farmhouse tables don’t have to cost a great deal of money. With a bit of effort, you may be able to find one at a second-hand store that you can refinish. This is a wonderful idea when you have children and don’t want to spend a great deal of money.
  12. You Want to Create a Warm Atmosphere for Dining – Farmhouse dining sets offer warmth to a room without the formality of a traditional table. They are especially wonderful to create warmth in a small space. Additionally, some tables are collapsible for easy storage so that the room can be used for multiple purposes.
  13. It Can be Repurposed – If, after a while, you decide you want to buy a new farmhouse dining set, you can always retire the old one to the back porch. Since a round table is small, it won’t take up a great deal of space. It’s rugged in design to withstand weather, and it’s great for summertime meals outdoors.

Round dining tables work well in smaller, square-shaped rooms. They generate an intimate and cozy atmosphere, meaning they work well for smaller groups of people. Larger round tables, while great for entertaining, may make guests feel far from each other in proximity. To change this dynamic, invest in an extendable table that converts to an oval shape.

Farmhouse dining room table sets work for any style of decor and in any area of the house. If you like to entertain but don’t have the space, you can buy a round table that you can extend when guests come over. There are many branches of this design. They can be used for both formal and informal spaces and can be easily transformed with updates in decor. They are truly a timeless piece.