How to Install a Hanging Basket Chair for Retro Style Seating

Hanging Basket Chair

One of this year’s biggest trends is combining curvy shapes and retro materials. No other piece of furniture encapsulates this feature more than a hanging chair or swing chair. Generally, they hang from the ceiling and are oval-shaped. However, they can also hang from a stand. The hanging basket chair is incredibly versatile as it can go indoors or outdoors and is easy to install.

If you have ever wondered about the popularity of this item, look no further than Instagram. If you search up #hangingchair, you will see almost 69,000 unique ways to use it. 

A hanging basket chair or hanging egg chair is usually made from rattan, wicker, or other natural materials and has a unique 70s vibe. Furthermore, the peacock chair of the 60s and 70s was similar in its cocoon form and woven construction. Now, years later, the same comfortable style is making a comeback.

Ideas on Decorating a Hanging Basket Chair

A hanging hammock chair works best in a sunroom or on a patio. These are areas where a breeze can provide a gentle movement to the chair. They frequently appear in bohemian-inspired living rooms where wicker and rattan abound. 

  • For the living room, top your swing chair with a seat cushion and an ultra-soft tasseled blanket for a cozy nook perfect for relaxing or reading. 
  • In children’s rooms, they are the perfect place for your kid to curl up after school. For a great reading area, place one close to a bookshelf and choose a cushion material and color that matches or complements the rest of the room.

Hanging chairs are available in several designs, styles, and materials besides traditional rattan. If you find hammocks soothing, a macrame swing chair or design made of other natural materials, like resin wicker, may appeal to you for outdoor furniture. If you like a contemporary look, a plastic bubble chair may be more suitable. Find a style that looks great in your space, and follow the tips below on hanging them.

Hanging a Basket Chair from the Ceiling


Before buying the chair, have an installation plan, so you know you’re doing it safely. You often need to secure hardware to a ceiling joist to allow for proper support. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and refer to the outline below as a reference.

If you want to avoid drilling holes in the ceiling, or if the surface isn’t sturdy, there are chairs that come with a base. These are perfect for apartments or outdoor rooms.

Required Materials

  • Hanging chair
  • Galvanized metal chain/heavy-duty rope
  • Two heavy-duty locking carabiners or chain links
  • Drill
  • Screw eye
  • Pencil
  • Stud finder

If you want a galvanized metal chain, you need to select one that is a minimum of ¾” in diameter. The weight capacity needs to be 300 lbs. If you’d rather a natural fiber-type rope, manila is an excellent choice. It is long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Marine-grade braided nylon, polypropylene, and polyester rope are other options if you are hanging the chair outdoors.

The bottom of the chair should be three to four feet from the ground. Add one extra foot to the rope or chain for tying knots. The extra length can easily be removed later if necessary. 

1. Locate the Joist and Mark Where the Chair will Hang

Use the stud finder to find a ceiling joist. For a secure hold, hang it from the center of the joist. Mark the edges of the joist lightly and place a third mark in the middle to identify the center point. Make sure the chair has ample space on each side to prevent people from hitting the wall or another item when the chair is hung.

2. Install the Screw Eye into the Joist

Drill your pilot hole into the center mark in the joist. Twist the screw eye into this hole and fully tighten it into the joist. The screw eye should be able to hold a minimum of 300 pounds to ensure that it supports the proper weight.

3. Attach the Chain or Rope

Hook the heavy-duty chain link or carabiner around the screw eye. Loop an end of the galvanized chain onto a link. Screw the connection closed. Alternatively, you can use a heavy-duty rope looped at each end. Ensure the rope is rated for 300 pounds weight capacity and securely tied. 

4. Hang the Chair from the Chain

Connect the second chain link to the opposite end of the galvanized chain. Look at the attachment ring in the link. Screw the connection closed. The chair should hang freely. Then, check that it is at the proper height. If you need to, adjust the height by placing it on a higher link on the chain.

Hanging a Hanging Basket Chair in an Outdoor Space


Begin by finding a great outdoor space for your hanging egg chair in a location where it will provide the best relaxation and comfort.

Look for sturdy tree branches in the backyard, a minimum of a 4 x 4 solid arbor main post, or a covered porch. Make sure you choose water-resistant fabric for an outdoor hanging chair.

1. Drill Your Holes

Drill the appropriate hole size based on the size of the hook into a strong overhead beam or branch.

2. Screw in Hammock Hooks

These hooks support the weight of the individual using the chair.

3. Fasten the Chair to the Hook

Use a knot or carabiner to fasten the eye of the chair into the hook. 

Charis can also be secured using a rope. In this case, the rope wraps around the branch or beam to secure the chair. It is secured by looping the rope through the hammock eye, then tying a knot or using a carabiner attached to the hammock and rope. The rope should be able to hold 500 lbs for safety. 

The safest place to put a hanging basket chair outdoors is using a branch or beam that shows no indication of rot. You can also add springs for a little extra bounce. The most important things to remember when installing your hanging basket chair is to make sure that it can support your weight and that there is enough surrounding space. Safety should always be a priority.