What Color Goes With Gold?

What Color Goes With Gold

Your home is your happy place, the place where you can feel as comfortable and safe as possible. A home is a lot more than 4 walls to keep you warm, it’s the place your children took their first steps, the place that you can all sit down and enjoy a meal together, the place that you can go to after a long and hard day. In an ever changing world the one constant and predictable thing is your home. 

Deciding to give your home a makeover can be a really fun and exciting time but it can also be a time full of pressure as you don’t want to lose the comforting aesthetic that it currently provides.

What Color Goes With Gold

Maybe your styles changed, the furniture a bit past its best or the walls have become marked with the sticky hands of your children. Whatever your reason for this exciting change we want to help you to make the best decisions for you. 

The first step with designing or designing any home is choosing the right color theme. With what seems to be an infinite amount of colors in the world this can seem like a really daunting task. How on earth are you meant to choose?

One of the best places to start is by looking at a range of color samples. Perhaps start by ruling out colors you don’t want. Sometimes its easy to pick one color that you like but finding a color to compliment it can be really tricky. 

Today we are going to focus on gold and finding colors to compliment it. There are many reasons you might have gone for gold including its royal heritage, the color gold is often associated with royalty and wealth and power making it a great color for any home.

On the other hand, it may have nothing to do with the connotations of the color; you might just find it to be a really pretty color. Regardless of what made you decide to choose the color gold we want to help you to find a color to compliment it.

One of the main factors to consider is what room it is for as different colors often suit different rooms. 


  • Gold and Blue– Gold and blue can create a beautiful atmosphere in any bathroom. The natural connotations of blue and the wealth connotations of gold can make a gorgeous pairing. When put together they can really start to create a ship like or even naval atmosphere which is a great theme for any bathroom. Perhaps using a gold mirror and gold finishing on a light blue wall could be a good way to go, you could even use gold taps. 
  • Gold and White– Pairing gold with white really does give gold the limelight and allow it to pop. It allows the glimmering and shiny color to stand out on the white. With this we would advise keeping your big items such as the bath, shower toilet and sink white and once again using the gold for finishes such as frames, mirrors, light switches and bath plugs. This is a much quieter way of implementing golf into your bathroom. 


What Color Goes With Golds
  • Gold and Silver– Gold and silver is one of the boldest pairings available but if you have the confidence then why not go for it. The two metallic colors create a very sophisticated environment. However, they can become a bit much so perhaps still try to use some white or similar light colors on the walls to break it up a little. For this color pairing we would suggest having all of your kitchen appliances in either color and then using the other for things such as cupboard handles and decor as a lot of both could quickly become overbearing. 
  • Gold and Gray– This is a much more toned down version of the above, instead of pairing the gold with silver you could try pairing it with gray for a much calmer feel. Once again with this we would suggest using grey as the main color for bigger things and using the gold for finishing touches and perhaps some smaller appliances such as the toaster and kettle. 

Living Room.

  • Gold and Creme– Gold and creme can make a beautiful living room pairing as it has a calming and warm effect. Gold and creme is also a very versatile pairing and could be used in a living room where you are trying to achieve a more modern effect or a more vintage and rustic style living room. With this pairing you can run wild, choose what you would like in gold and what you would prefer in creme. One nice idea could be three creme walls and a gold feature wall with the room then filled with a combination of both colors. 
  • Gold and Brown– Similarly, gold and brown could create a lovely seasonal effect, you could even try the lovely addition of a gold vase filled with twigs and pine cones. The contrast between the two colors can create a beautiful homely atmosphere. Aagin, gold could make a lovely feature wall when contrasted against brown. 


  • Gold and Red– Gold and red can create a sensual atmosphere and the two colors can come together quite romantically. The two colors really compliment each other so it is up to you which color you choose to use more of. 
  • Gold and Black- Once again, gold and balck create a beautiful contrast when combined with one another. We would advise using the blacck as a backdrop for the popping items of gold. Perhaps using one gold feature wall, some gold furniture and some gold finishings. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, what you choose to do with your house is your decision and we salute you for choosing to use a color as bold as gold. Our color pairing list is only a guide and you might have a unique idea that could work just as well.

However, these tried and tested combinations are sure to leave your house looking gorgeous so if you are struggling the guide could be great to use.