How To Mix Vintage Living Room Furniture With Everyday Decor – Top 8 Tips

living room vintage

If you were to describe vintage decor, what would you say? Generally, people cite a variety of time periods and definitions when it comes to this look. For this article, we will be highlighting vintage living room furniture that is reminiscent of the ‘50s to the ‘70s. These pieces are mid-century modern with funky shapes and vibrant hues.

Vintage Living Room Furniture Ideas for Your Home

There are a variety of styles that you can use for your home. Vintage doesn’t have to mean old or dated. Often, it is fun to incorporate ideas into your living room set that are a throwback from decades ago. Whether you are going for a full-blown vintage look or just want to incorporate a few pieces of antique furniture, you can have fun experimenting with a retro feel.

Going Green

If you want to brighten up any living room, consider adding a bright green sofa to incorporate into your vintage style. It doesn’t have to be the throwback avocado. A couch that is mid-colored or even pastel green pairs nicely with a variety of colors.

These sofas can have cushions on them and a skirt below. You can pair the cushions with bright blue, peach, and beige tones to add warmth to the room.

Going Groovy with Pillows

Vintage living room with white sofa lined with pillows

With a vintage design, you can incorporate a multitude of pillows – even crotchet them for a vintage look. A popular look includes round pillows with a floral design. You can use square pillows with diamond designs, or simply a tufted round seat cushion. Having them in one corner of a couch adds to the groovy appeal of this design.

Curve Appeal

Incorporating a curvy couch containing a muted hue with a bit of cane can create that moody ‘70s vibe in your living space without dating it. The colors are warm and wrap around tables very easily. Also, the material tends to last without tearing.

Air of Sophistication

Adding pieces that are leopard, burlwood, and velvet creates a 20th-century flair. If you see these old pieces, purchase them to create a vintage appearance for your home.

Mixing Materials

Simply using a cane chair accompanied by a floor lamp with a seashell design can be a great ‘70s vintage piece that goes perfectly in a New York-style living room. Brass and black finishes add interest for a luxurious look.

Stylish Ottomans

Ottomans with tapered legs create a mid-century modern style. This is a smart choice if your living room is small as it can be used as both seating and a side table. You can move the ottoman around the room or into a different room, and some of them even provide additional storage space.

Tulip Tables

Reproductions of the tulip table are trending. While it is mostly incorporated in kitchens and dining rooms, this oval table with a conical base is harder to find in a coffee table. However, if you can find one, this throwback adds a vintage flair to a room that has country charm. The table is sizable and functional for entertaining.

Record Player Cabinets

Record player cabinet

Record players bring function and fun to any living space or any interior design plan. Adding vintage glassware adds another unique touch to the area. You don’t have to track down an actual vintage record player as new ones are being made. They add a wonderful area for storage or simply to show off your vinyl collection.

Vintage Chairs

Blue, egg-shaped chairs in modern living space

The retro shapes of these areas are really what defines vintage. From a wooden tripod chair to hanging egg-shaped chairs, nothing says vintage like incorporating these designs into your living space.

The egg chairs are so comfortable as they envelop your entire body. These chairs tend to have a circular base while being hung from a chain to allow full freedom of movement.

Luxurious Velvet

Most homeowners tend to shy away from this material, figuring that it is too dated and too hard to clean. However, velvet furniture shouts vintage and can pair well with a boho style. It is fun and colorful. Quirky art pieces really add some vintage to the home.

Mid-Century Modern

Incorporating mid-century lines creates vintage appeal in a living room. These items can include tables with tapered legs, brass accent pieces, and leather sofas with a hint of weathering.

Distressed White Hutches

This look is very practical and adds that vintage look to a shabby chic or even country living room. The hutch creates added storage, and to complete the look, all you need to do is lightly sand the surface to create a distressed flair. This can be done with any piece of wood furniture.

Grandfather Clock

Classic grandfather clock

This piece of furniture is timeless, but it can take up quite a bit of room. Grandfather clocks are great in corners but can be loud as well. These things should be taken into consideration prior to making a purchase.

Final Words

These are just a few suggestions when it comes to vintage furniture. Some people repurpose or include old television sets. Yet, before going for a vintage-inspired living space, consider what look you are trying to achieve.

If your style is shabby chic, then find painted and mismatched pieces. You can use an antique armoire for a media center. Slipper chairs that are upholstered using cotton accompanied by faded stripes go well with this type of decor.

Vintage country rooms can incorporate camelback sofas using country prints. The sofa can have two wing chairs flanking it in contrasting fabrics. For a country room, plaid works best for the wing chairs and incorporates the theme well.

For an English cottage, use overstuffed chairs in chintz. This pairs well with a club chair in distressed leather.

The best designs incorporate elements from a variety of styles to generate cohesive designs that are functional and fashionable.

Vintage living room furniture pairs well with a variety of looks ranging from country charm to boho chic, rustic to shabby chic. You can play with these items to add your own flair, and they can be easily found in any flea market. Half of the fun is in the hunt and repurposing of these items. What will be your next vintage find? How will you choose to use it?