Thin Dining Room Table: When to Use it in Your Space


When looking for dining room furniture – like dining tables, dining chairs, and other types of modern furniture for your dining area – many people often have a specific style in mind. The piece must reflect our style and the color pallet of the room. A dining room set is a staple of the home – even in a small dining room – where all decor is selected around that one piece of furniture. However, what do you do with certain rooms that don’t fit the “normal” dining room profile? Select a thin dining room table!

When to Incorporate a Thin Dining Room Table

Thin wooden dining table in small dining space

It isn’t always the style of a room that determines the furniture, whether you purchase a solid wood, narrow dining table, or a round dining table with a varnished table top. Although it is one component of finding a great item, it is not the main concern. The focus is, and always will be, determined by the room size.

For example, for a square room, you could buy a large, wide, rectangular dining table. However, when you place rectangular tables in the space, you will see that they really aren’t functional and don’t go with the way the room is designed. Rectangular tables will take up too much space, meaning the space will be too cramped for you or your guests to move about freely. Furthermore, aesthetically, it will look out of place.

Now, if you replaced that table with a round dining table or a square table for a smaller space, not only would you save on space, but it would look more complementary and well placed in the room overall.

While you want something to reflect your personal style, the table still needs to fit the room in order to be functional. You can find tables to suit any style, but not all table shapes will fit every room. Therefore, shape needs to be considered before style.

Thin dining room tables can be successfully incorporated in many ways. These include:

  • Rooms that are long and narrow. A narrow room is unable to successfully accommodate a more traditional table without it overwhelming the space. This is when you can look at incorporating a thin dining room table to make the room feel wider and not have to sacrifice space.
  • Spaces with a small footprint. Not all dining rooms are expansive, and they don’t have to be. If you don’t want to use a table that is square or round for a small space, you can consider a table that is thin. It will give you room to freely move around and still generate a nice sense of intimacy.
  • Minimalistic, modern, contemporary, or farmhouse designs. Thin dining room tables contain clean, crisp lines. This type of table pairs well with this type of décor.

Thin Dining Room Tables: The Best of the Best

Trendy wooden thin dining table in narrow kitchen

Most Functional: Mobili Fiver Extendable Dining Table

This table looks great with its sophisticated design and is incredibly practical. The tables come with two extra leaves that can be added to seat up to 10 people when needed. It is practical for rooms that serve as both a common dinner area plus formal dining room for guests. The leaves, when not in use, can be stored underneath the top of the table.


  • Great for contemporary decor
  • Easily extendable
  • Cleans well using mild detergent and damp cloth
  • Comes in a variety of wood finishes


  • Leg may be in the way of guests seated in the middle of the table when fully extended

Best for Small Rooms: Zinus Juliet Espresso Wood Dining Table

If you are short on space, you will love the design of this dining room set. The contours of the table are minimalistic and clean, yet the design is completely functional for small rooms. The table comes equipped with two benches that store easily under the table, giving you more room when the table is not in use.


  • Great space saver
  • Minimalistic design
  • Good for tiny houses
  • Classic charm


  • Not well suited for tall people

Best Formal, Modern Table: Jiexi Dining Table Set Slate Stone

This dining table set works well for narrow spaces without sacrificing a more formal feel. The lines are clean and simple, yet the countertop adds an elegant flair with Italian-made slate. The black table provides a nice, sharp contrast to the white chairs surrounding it.

Best of all, if you don’t like the black/white combo, then there are other colors to choose from.


  • Surface is wear-resistant, hard, fire- and heat-resistant, easy to maintain, and easy to clean
  • Compact design with chairs fitting directly under the table to save on space
  • Chairs have soft cushions accompanied by luxurious leather upholstery


  • A bit heavy

Best for Farmhouse Design: Walker Edison Modern Farmhouse Expandable

This table seats six to eight individuals when completely extended. The center leaf is hidden underneath the table and pairs well with the matching bench and chairs. This design affords the luxury of added space by using benches and can make the room look visually larger.


  • Sturdy design
  • True black color
  • Easy to assemble


  • Missing some pre-drilled holes

Best Contemporary Design: Tiptiper Folding Dining Table

This foldable design can serve many purposes in addition to a dining room table. It can be utilized as a desk for writing, console table, or can fold up and put into a corner to save space. There are drop leaves on the bottom of the table and holes contain a hidden buckle which locks active plates. The table moves on lockable casters, allowing it to move anywhere in the house.


  • Two-layer storage shelf
  • Wear- and heat-resistant, simple design, and easy to clean
  • Multipurpose design


  • Not overly sturdy
  • Parts are not of the best quality

If space is an issue in your dining room, consider adding bench seating. Visually, it will make the room appear to be larger, plus it can save on space as the benches can tuck in underneath the table. You may also want to consider tables with built-in storage.

Final Thoughts

Thin dining room tables work best in rooms with a small footprint, or that are narrower in length. As mentioned, the contemporary dining table must match the shape and size of the room so as to not overwhelm the space. These tables have many advantages. In selecting the right one, you may need to first think about the functionality of the piece and whether it is practical for the space.