Simple Backyard Pavilion Ideas – Take the Backyard to Another Level

Backyard Pavilion

Looking to elevate your backyard space but aren’t sure what to add? Enjoy a balmy summer evening secluded in your own backyard pavilion while sipping on some wine, taking in the fresh air, and watching the sunset. Homeowners can also have fun with friends in their own upscale social hub. We provide simple backyard pavilion ideas to make any outdoor space unique.

Backyard pavilions extend and enhance any outdoor living area. With this setup, you can add:

  • Blinds for a more secluded or intimate area
  • Hammocks with seasonal cushions for relaxation
  • Shade cover
  • Protection for a backyard kitchen
  • Space for ample seating

This area contains basic outdoor furniture and comfortable seating to complement the existing backyard decor. You can build this outdoor structure yourself, or they also come prefabricated. 

Simple pavilion kit options are available online that you can make yourself if you’re handy and up for a challenge. Finding the right pavilion plan that suits your outdoor living space and budget may be challenging, but it is not impossible.

What Is a Backyard Pavilion?

A backyard pavilion is a sheltered area that extends the home’s living space. Some are attached to a house, while others are free-standing. This structure always has a roof that protects from the weather, but the sides are usually open to keep that outdoor feeling.

Some pavilions exist for a purpose. They may be close to a pool for shelter from the hot sun, extend a dining area, encase an outdoor kitchen or bar, or offer a secluded, relaxing spot to hang out. They are a practical backyard feature that also add a decorative touch. 

No matter how you use them, though, backyard pavilions contain seating areas for socializing or relaxing.

Simple Backyard Pavilion Ideas

The purpose of this area is to be relaxing, comfortable, and versatile enough that you can transform it according to the occasion. Use them for family gatherings, intimate weddings, spontaneous gatherings with friends, and to relax on a lazy summer day. 

Generate a Private Space


Backyard pavilions don’t have to be elaborate. Create a private outdoor living space using a round garden pavilion, incorporating semi-circular seating and billowing white drapes to complete the look. This works best in an open area, like a deck with a view, at a cottage, or close to the beach.

Backyard Resort


You can create a backyard resort by adding hammocks for a relaxed atmosphere. Others may add an oversized outdoor sectional, ottoman, table, and a dividing wall to create a dining and sitting area in the backyard. Add drapes to create an opulent resort feel or for seclusion.

Poolside Paradise


Another backyard pavilion idea is to place one by a pool as an area for relaxing out of the sun. It can also act as a type of cabana or pool house. Depending on how you do it, a poolside pavilion can create a tropical atmosphere in your backyard, turning it into a quiet paradise. 

A poolside pavilion can contain a medium-sized mounted television near circular seating. Others may incorporate a fire pit or outdoor fireplace for a warm glow at night or to quickly dry off after a dip in the pool. You can also add plush lounge chairs and billowing curtains. There are countless ways you can dress it up.

Adding an outdoor pavilion to a pool area creates a new summertime dimension to your backyard. No longer will you have to deal with wet feet traipsing through the house, since you can entertain guests and keep the party outside all summer long. 

Shaded Pavilion


There are several things you can do with this type of pavilion. Its primary purposes are to double as a secluded area or be used for entertainment. The closed drapes offer a more intimate setting, and it becomes more inviting while open. Some homeowners may incorporate a backyard television with a sitting area, while others may include a stereo.

To make it cozier or more romantic, some homeowners elect to incorporate a fireplace for additional warmth. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to this space.

Kitchen Cover


Outdoor kitchens can become very hot – especially when summer temperatures skyrocket. Create a little shade by incorporating a backyard pavilion over the kitchen area. Not only will it keep you cool, but it will also be a place where guests can relax while you cook the meal. 

A backyard pavilion in this area means that you will not be cooking alone. It provides space where guests can crack open a drink and chat outside. It gives a cozy, welcoming area in the backyard for socializing. 

The backyard pavilion in this image is more contemporary and features a dining area. The clean lines make it more minimalistic yet open for a nice meal. Additionally, some have more of a country charm and incorporate stone into the design for a more welcoming feel.

No matter what your choice of decor, this is the most accessible type of outdoor pavilion design to customize. 

Garden Groove


A backyard pavilion doesn’t have to be a grand structure. It can be a small, secluded place where you can go to enjoy the day, think, relax, and read a good book. 

Imagine an area tucked away amid your secluded garden. The surrounding greenery gives way to an elegant yet rustic pavilion. While sipping your morning tea or coffee, you can enjoy the birds chirping, feel a warm breeze, and just greet the day in your backyard. A pavilion provides a great way to relax and unwind. 


Several simple backyard pavilion ideas can elevate the look of an existing outdoor space. They generate a simple area of relaxation where you can enjoy the splendor of the outdoors. 

These areas aren’t confined to one season, though. You can also incorporate walls or barriers, extending their usage. This will protect you from the wind while enjoying the serenity of the outdoors.