Top 6 Smart Overbed Unit Ideas That Save Space & Banish Clutter


For an easy storage solution that keeps you organized, an overbed shelving unit is a great way to save space in small bedrooms. It can be completely customized to fit your bedroom and transform a dull area into something fresh and inviting. 

Storing things above your bed may appear inconvenient, but it actually makes it even easier to access things. You can store books, clothing, accessories, and decor that you may otherwise hide in a closet or in storage. 

Plus, if you’re short on space, an overbed unit is a smart solution that uses vertical storage space and maximizes every inch of your bedroom. We’ll go through some fun shelving features you can use to install an overbed unit in your bedroom and some ideas on how to get started. 

Smart Shelf Overbed Unit Ideas

Simple white floating overbed shelf with decorative items stored on it

For a seamless look that keeps it minimal, installing shelves looks great above any bed. It helps with organization, and a permanent fixture like an open shelf can up the value of your bedroom area and give it enhanced functionality. 

Do keep in mind that installing shelving above the bed means you’ll need to keep the bed in that location in the bedroom. Any rearranging of bedroom furniture means you’ll also need to move the shelving over top of the bed. 

Floating Shelves

Install floating shelves above the bed for a seamless look that isn’t in the way of the bed frame. These often don’t come with brackets underneath and provide clean lines, an essential decor tip for making a calming atmosphere. Floating shelves can also hold quite a bit of weight depending on their size, so you can store your favorite books over your bed without worrying about the shelf breaking.

Built-in Shelves

For a customized look, consider built-in shelves around and above your bed. A built-in shelving unit above the bed can replace a bedside table and act as additional storage or a headboard, making it a functional decor item. 

Clever Cabinet Overbed Unit Ideas

Cabinets and drawers can also be a great addition to an overbed unit. A set of cabinets can sit across the top of the bed and around it, acting as a custom headboard attached to the wall. 

There are also cabinets that slide behind the bed that can easily tuck away and appear as if it’s part of the bed itself. This provides another storage area without compromising on space. 

Mirrored Cabinets

If you’re installing cabinets above your bed, you may find they jut out and take up space. To provide the illusion of depth, an easy fix to this is mirrored wardrobes. These elevate the overall look of the overbed unit and offer an interesting decor piece. 

Hidden Cabinets

Install hidden cabinets over your bed to keep clutter away and out of sight. These are often built around the bed or as a built-in unit on the wall. Hidden cabinets draw attention away from the wall and back to the bed itself, which should be the focal point of any bedroom. 

Creative Combination Overbed Unit Ideas

Variety of shelving units and frame pictures in chic bedroom with twin bed

An overbed unit can be more than just shelves – you can customize it to your personal bedroom storage needs. Look for shelving units that match the functionality of your space, whether you need them for overbed storage, a wardrobe, or displaying decor

Choose a design that fits with the overall style of your bedroom, looking for colors and materials that match the furniture you already have. 

Desk and Shelves

Extend the overbed shelving unit across the wall to your desk area for a functional workspace. That way, you can create shelves for your desk furniture through vertical space and save vital floor space. 

Wardrobe and Shelves

An overbed unit doesn’t have to just be for books and decor. Add shelving, drawers, hangers, and rods for a built-in wardrobe. This is an excellent solution for small spaces that need to free up floor space. If your bedroom doesn’t have a closet, creating a built-in wardrobe over top of the bed can be the best of both worlds. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Overbed Units

How much weight can an overbed unit hold?

Gauging how much weight an overbed unit can hold depends on what kind of unit you’ve bought. For instance, a floating open shelf may hold a stack of books. But a built-in shelving unit or something affixed from floor to ceiling can hold much more, like an entire wardrobe. Something like a hanging rod can hold several racks of clothes and jackets before it reaches its weight capacity. If you’ve bought a pre-built overbed unit, read the user manual for how much weight it can hold. 

How do I install an overbed unit?

Depending on the type of unit you want to install, the installation process can be as easy as fixing it to the wall behind the bed. Make sure to measure the wall and mark where you want to install the unit to avoid any mistakes. 

However, if you want a customized built-in unit, the installation might take some time, and you must carefully measure everything before starting. 

What do I need to know before purchasing an overbed unit?

Some things to remember before purchasing an overbed unit include size measurements, texture, color, weight capacity, and how to install the unit itself. You’ll want full instructions on how to install it on the wall and over the bed, as well as if it matches your bedroom’s design. 


For a more organized and functional bedroom, an overbed unit can be a smart solution to your space. It is often not considered, as most people opt for installing shelving in other areas of the bedroom, like over a desk or dresser. 

But an overbed unit is not only functional; it creates extra storage area in an oft-forgotten space that would otherwise not be used. You can make your bedroom unique to you, from the carpet to the ceiling, and make the space around your bed organized and multi-functional.