Outdoor Hanging Decor that Adds Liveliness to Any Backyard

Outdoor hanging decor

Outdoor Hanging Decor that Adds Liveliness to Any Backyard

If you love whimsical and creative outdoor hanging decor, these DIY projects add that extra something to your backyard.

You’re probably already familiar with seasonal hanging decor, but there is outdoor hanging decor available that you can use year-round. Designed to take any backyard from bland to beautiful, art pieces boost your home’s style and help improve curb appeal. Creating them is easy as you can use vintage cans, hanging planters, or string lights to make a dull entryway or boring backyard come to life.

Outdoor Hanging Decor That Will Impress

Outdoor porches tend to use a lot of hanging home decor. They are cheery and sweet and generate a warm, welcoming feeling. Most homeowners want something unique and eye-catching, which we give you with the following ideas.

Sleek Galvanized Hanging Planters

These hanging planters add an attractive look to the backyard porch, making it stand out when greenery is placed inside them. These planters are silver with beige trim and hung by string. Adding a green plant or vines brings charm to any area.

Hanging Windows

This trendy idea adds a bit of intrigue to the back of a house. A hanging window design frames the landscape by suspending window frames with links from either the siding or on a wooden overhang. 

The windows are usually placed where a wall doesn’t exist, but you can also use them against an outdoor wall. Both designs work well. Using vintage panes creates a pop against a vibrant green landscape, allowing visitors to see through and around it. Windows appear to hover in mid-air, adding a unique design feel. 

If you don’t want to use links to attach them, you can make the hanging portion invisible by adding thin cables. That said, links allow you to add eye-catching detail, and you can wrap them in lights or greenery to add to the look.

Window Frame Flower Box

This idea is another take on the design mentioned above. Take a plain window frame (glass included) and add a plant box underneath. Place various colored flowers in the box to add that splash of color to your outdoor space. 

You can place these against a house, a patio, or a fence. 

Ornamental Tire Planters

If you have an old tire, you can paint it any color that matches your backyard. Then, suspend it from a tree branch and place an overflowing flower pot in the center of it. This look creates its own unique flair while adding color to your outdoor space. 

String Lanterns for a Rustic Charm

String lantern lights add a rustic, country charm or a romantic flair. Rather than using a traditional string light, see if you can get round lanterns created from yarn or jute. It is elegant and can be used for any porch or garden. You can also DIY this craft by following this design

Intriguing Pot Stands

This do-it-yourself pot stand offers a homemade touch to any backyard. Instead of hanging plants from hooks on the porch or suspended poles, this stand is easy to create and has a small footprint. It adds a rustic fair to any outdoor area and can be used to add a pop of color or contrast. 

Faux Plant Wall

This design is the most intriguing and straightforward project that adds charm to a backyard. It brings dimension to any sitting area and creates a splash of color. The faux plant wall can easily tie in existing colors to create cohesion in a backyard or porch. Whatever your reason may be for including it, it is a showstopper. 

This design is created by purchasing small, white pots (you’ll need about 14 for an average wall). Then, add different colored flowers to each pot. Use them to tie in colors from throw pillows or surrounding outdoor furniture

Once the flowers are planted, attach them to a wall or siding. Try making the top row a set of five, stagger four pots in the middle row, and align the bottom row with the top row with another five pots. 

Hanging Herb Garden

Who says you must plant herbs in a garden or a box? Instead, try using a set of steel buckets, place the herbs in them, and suspend them from hooks attached to a wooden beam. This design looks exceptional against a wooden backdrop, with a wooden bench and some throw pillows added for a homey, country feel. 

Mason Jar Chandeliers


This design adds a bit of rustic charm to your backyard. To create this design, use mason jars as your chandelier. Place a bit of pebbles or sand and top them with tea lights or string lights to add a romantic glow to any area. Suspend them using a large-sized stick accompanied with twine or a vintage wooden wheel as pictured above. This design looks exceptional hovering above your outdoor table

Elevated Birdbath

Close up  Chandelier decoration  lamp

Repurpose a Tiffany lamp for this DIY project. You can create an artificial bird bath by suspending it from a branch. Instead of building your bird bath on the ground, this project allows you to suspend it higher up. 

The Tiffany lamp adds a bit of elegance and color to the backyard. However, you can also use old bowls or colorful china to make this outdoor decoration. It provides a safe area for birds to land away from predators. 

Horizontal Hanging Ladder

This unique idea involves a salvaged ladder wrapped with an Edison-style light fixture, creating a country version of a chandelier. It looks great alone or placed above your outdoor table. You can also decorate it with garland or flowers for a seasonal flair. 


These hanging outdoor decor options add a unique flair to your backyard. They are interesting, and most are easy-to-do projects you can implement within minutes. The best part is that they are unique and stand out, making any yard an outdoor oasis.