5 Modern Table Decor Ideas for Every Occasion

Eco-style dining room with wooden table, table, chairs floor

A modern table is the heart of any room. When celebrating an occasion – no matter how large the gathering – your table decor should transform the space and make your guests feel special. When it comes to modern table decor, there are some everyday tips that you should keep in mind.

When it comes to decorating a table – whether it’s a coffee table, dining table, or Christmas table – you don’t want to leave dead space. This is especially true if the table is large or long. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your home decor. A table doesn’t always have to hold faux flowers or another kind of plant arrangement. You can add objects, textures, and architectural details – like pillar candles or table runners – to provide interest.

What Do I Put on a Modern Table?

The simple answer to this is to put something on it to decorate the space. Long stretches of empty space aren’t terribly attractive. The table ends up looking like it is missing something. This is especially true if it is long and narrow. Decor should always be added, whether it is used daily or only for formal occasions.

For permanent items, select something that has height so it has a visible impact. Even between meals when the table is not in use, these things should be visible. It can be as simple as using a central vase accompanied by two hurricane candle holders. When incorporating any vase, ensure that it can double as an art piece. This is so it still has impact even if it is not filled.

How Can I Make the Table Have a Nice Appearance?

Consider the table first, then your decor. You will need to fit the decor with the table shape. If you have a round table, you will need just one centerpiece. This should be tall, but not so tall that your guests can’t see each other over it. This will make people feel separated.

For tables that are rectangular and long, there should be smaller, multiple centerpieces running along the length. The interest needs to continue down the entire length of the table.

Your tableware should tie into your overall decor. This will make meals feel well thought out and masterfully curated. Choose colors that complement surrounding art or walls.

Modern Table Decor Ideas and Tips

Generating a modern table decor provides a chance to think outside the box and become more creative. If you are looking for inspiration for a table decoration idea, here are some inspiring suggestions to incorporate with your dining room table.

Consider the Shape of the Table

Long wooden dining table with wooden decor

When selecting decor, consider your table’s shape. Long tables will require something different than ones that are round or square. Smaller tables are wonderful for square-shaped dining rooms, or when space is limited. They provide a cozier, more intimate feel.

A small dining room table provides a clear centerpiece. It can be accented with floral arrangements with a pop of color to brighten the space. By adding seasonal flowers in the center, you will draw your guest’s eyes to the table, and it will bring a natural beauty to the surroundings.

For longer tables, you will want either an expansive centerpiece or a large centerpiece with smaller, complementary arrangements flanking each side. What you use will depend on the length of the table.

Making a Daily Table Special

Wooden dining table and chairs set for a meal

Floral centerpieces aren’t just reserved for special occasions, either. Daily, modern tables can benefit from adding foliage and flowers to the center. You can additionally place this type of design around window sills and shelves to complete the look.

A cluster of vases, personal items found while traveling, or a large orchid provides interest to the table. You can also incorporate two hurricane lamps for a dynamic feel.

If you don’t want flowers for an everyday modern table, choose table decor that has bold, bright colors with mixed prints and patterns on the linen. You can also add bold colors to the glassware and crockery. This will keep your area informal and fun.

Statement Vases

Wooden table in dining room with elegant table setting

Many homeowners are turning to more sculptured looks to complement their table. This is true if the room uses decorative, finer types of decor. In this case, homeowners may choose to add a tall, slender vase or two to the table. You can also incorporate a wider bowl as well. A bowl can be a useful piece to add colorful fruit or hold features. They become the focal point for the table.

These statement pieces need to be well thought out and clustered. They should be of varying heights, contain elaborate details, and be of mixed materials. It should elevate and dress up the area. This type of design is considered a standalone art piece and is an admired investment item.

Tablecloths: Necessity or Outdated?

Large, open dining an living space with dining room draped with white patterned table cloth

When dressing a table, many homeowners still struggle with the use of tablecloths – especially with modern decor. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about making the wrong decision when choosing to use or not use one. Both options are equally acceptable.

In modern, clean design, most experts recommend choosing a solid color. Tablecloths should incorporate a color contrast to the surrounding table decor in order to make it pop. The transformation of the table is amazing once you line the tablecloth with glasses, dishes, and linen.

Add Color to Neutral Rooms

Rose-colored table cloth draped elegantly over dining table with tall, white candles

Your table decor can change the look of a room. If you have warm, neutral tones, you can elevate the space by adding a cool color. By adding an item like blue tableware or clear, blue, glass candlesticks, you can completely transform the table. These items can quickly be changed later when you want to create a different mood.


When it comes to modern table decor, use simple designs and pay attention to the size and shape of the table. Special consideration needs to be made in each case, as you don’t want empty space. To spice up your look, consider adding colored plates and glasses to the mix.