6 Reasons to Include Metal Picnic Tables in Your Backyard

metal Picnic Tables

There are many benefits to metal picnic tables for your backyard. These tables are made of steel or aluminum and are a popular choice for homeowners. When buying them, check the gauge of metal used. The lower the gauge, the sturdier the patio table is. Coating options contain galvanized thermoplastic and powder-coated metal. Each has its benefits.

Types of Coatings

There are benefits to each type of coating when it comes to a metal picnic table. Generally, most outdoor tables have a thermoplastic coating. But there are definite benefits with the other available options as well.


Metal tables made from aluminum are durable, affordable, resistant to corrosion, and lightweight. They can be moved easily around your yard when needed. They are coated with a colored powder-coat finish or a clear finish. 

Powder-Coated Steel

This type of finish uses a dry, free-flowing powder applied electrostatically. Then, it is heated to form a protective, tough layer. This coating type offers a high gloss appearance, will resist corrosion, and comes in a wide range of colors.

Generally, it is applied to tubular frame components on a picnic table, although some seats and tabletops are coated this way, too.


This process involves dipping the steel (usually pre-galvanized) into hot baths of high-density polyethylene containing colorfast and UV-protective additives. This provides superior edge coverage, prevents the growth of microorganisms, protects against corrosion, and offers various color options. 

The coating is usually on tabletops and picnic table seats, but it is also on tubular frame components. The process is available using two finishes. The matte polyethylene finish provides a sheen to the paint, while plastisol creates a glossy appearance and thick, rubberized texture.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is dipped in an 860°F molten zinc bath that provides a thin coating to protect against corrosion. It also gives a rugged look to the patio table along with its trademark shiny pattern called spangle.

The result is like stainless steel but can vary according to vacillations in the process. The coating tends to be applied to tubular frames on picnic tables. 

A set of wrought iron outdoor chairs and table.

Six Reasons to Include Metal Picnic Tables in the Backyard

There are many reasons to purchase a picnic table for your backyard. Not only do you have more design options, but it is also environmentally responsible and family-friendly.


Anything that you want to keep outdoors permanently will need to be able to withstand weather changes. Sun, snow, and rain can damage some materials and cause decay. For example, wood may be prone to splintering and rot when exposed to the elements for prolonged periods. This will occur even if it is sealed. 

The right type of metal picnic table will be able to withstand the elements and remain rust-proof when it encounters moisture. Metal tables, as opposed to aluminum ones, have a thermoplastic covering that prevents them from corrosion and rusting. They will last for years while maintaining their beauty and structural integrity.


The outdoors provides the perfect conditions for rust to occur. Yet, rust-resistant metal picnic tables resist rust formation. To make them resistant to rust, as mentioned, they spray them with thermoplastic coatings.

This coating is sprayed electrostatically. It provides a layer preventing air and moisture from penetrating the metal. They can add an extra coating to provide glossy appearances and increase its longevity. 


While everyone hopes there will never be a fire in their backyard, you can rest assured metal tables are fireproof. Safety measures are taken by metal manufacturers which enhance resistance to fire. Since it resists these hazards, this ends up increasing its value.


Metal picnic tables provide a better option due to their reusability, longer life span, and sourcing compared to other materials.

Wooden and metal picnic table on back garden deck.

Minimal Waste

A portion of the materials used always goes to waste while being designed or produced. When using metal, the waste is less profound than with plastic and wood. Producing metal picnic tables minimizes waste from sanding, offcuts, and wood finishes.

Surprisingly, other materials generate as much as 20% waste in comparison to the 2% from metal. Portions of metal can also be recycled, thereby reducing overall production costs. 


You can recycle metal indefinitely. This material is unlike wood, stone, glass, plastics, or ceramic materials. 

Easy Maintenance

As mentioned, these picnic tables are coated with thermoplastic, making them easier to clean. This makes them perfect for children because you can easily wipe them down in the event of a spill or mess. They will not require any sanding, painting, or refinishing either. 

With a perforated surface, most homeowners don’t have to be concerned with spills. An occasional wipe or spray may be a good option, but you can do this in minutes to restore the garden table’s natural beauty. 

Do Not Require Frequent Repairs

Frames composed of metal never require replacement, unlike wood or other materials. When left outside, it is easy for some materials to depreciate, requiring the need for continual staining or repairs. If you have a wooden table, for example, repairs may involve changing its frame or sanding it. 

Metal withstands poor weather conditions, corrosion, and heavy usage. 

Visually Pleasing

Metal tables can be fashioned into more interesting designs and shapes than wood or plastic. You can also incorporate complex shapes like diamonds, circles, or squares into the design. 

By using expanded metal materials, you can use complex or simple shapes to generate the perfect backyard appearance. By using this technology, the strength, durability, or resistance is not removed from the table.

Vibrant Array of Colors

The aesthetics of these tables are great! Being durable and low maintenance will make them look new for much longer. Plus, these tables come in a wide variety of colors to enable homeowners to better match surrounding outdoor furniture or simply add a pop of color. 


There are many reasons to buy a metal picnic table. The most popular is that it resists weather changes, lasts a long time, and can successfully remain in your outdoor space. They are perfect for families as they can easily be cleaned and are low-maintenance.