How to Get Rugs to Stay in Place – 5 Ways to Try


Maybe you found the perfect rug for your living space-a sleek rug for the dining room or a plush rug for the living area. But some rugs have a design flaw: they neglect to add a non-slip rubber backing underneath.

There are so many styles and shapes when it comes to rugs, but often, that perfect design needs a grip underneath. You buy the rug, then unroll it at home and find it constantly slips and slides out of place.

Luckily, there are a few ways to get your rug to stop sliding around and causing any potential slipping hazards. Here are a few methods to get rugs to stay in place. 

1. Use Rug Tape

Man's hand using scissors to cut a piece of rug tape for bottom of rug

An easy fix for a slippery rug is some rug tape. You can buy this online or at home goods stores and place it on the corners and edges underneath the rug. If a corner of the rug isn’t held down by a couch or table, some rug tape on the edge should do the trick. Usually, the tape is only sticky on the rug and has a gripped surface that sticks to the floor without a mess. 

The only downside is that you must remove the double sided carpet tape when washing the rug. Some rug tape also can come off after a few years as the tape wears down. This can be a great quick fix that will last a while in your living area. 

Our pick is this rug tape from ZONGOOL, which is reusable and removable. If your rug is machine washable, you can remove this tape, wash the rug, and stick it back on when you put the rug back in place. They also come in packs of 12 or 16 pieces so that they can cover large area rugs as well. 

2. Use Washable Non-Slip Rug Grippers

A step up from tape, a rug gripper also attaches to the corners of the rug and keeps your throw rug in place. The bonus to these grips is that they are washable and can stick back onto your rug. They are long-lasting and easy to install.

This rug pad gripper from Home Techpro prevents slipping and curling, which is great for those pesky corners that can wrinkle and crease from sliding under your office chair. Grippers can stick to any hard floor surface firmly and easily without leaving any sticky residue. 

3. Line Rug with Slip Mat

If you’ve got an area rug that is thinner and prone to sliding around, a slip mat should do the trick. A slip mat can line not just the corners and edges but the entire rug, keeping it in place. 

A slip mat could be the safest option if your area rug is somewhere with a lot of foot traffic, like a hallway, living room, or kitchen. You can buy a roll and cut it to size or purchase one that fits the size of your rug. Place it on the floor first, then put the rug overtop, and it is guaranteed to stay in place. 

4. Velcro Strips

Velcro is a tried-and-true way of getting something to stay in place. It works great, especially for smaller rugs under a desk chair in the home office. A strip of Velcro is attached to the floor and the rug. When you place the two sides of the Velcro together, the rug essentially sticks to the floor, where it won’t budge. 

If you plan on using Velcro strips, make sure you know where exactly you plan on placing your rug, as taking the strips off and re-sticking them could involve some clean-up. This is a handy solution for a kid’s room, where the rug can be moved around a lot from children crawling and playing.

5. Look for Non-Slip Rugs Before Buying

Thin woven rug in front entryway of home

If you haven’t found a rug yet and are still looking, it could be beneficial to find a rug with a non-slip surface already on it. This makes it an effortless installation in your home, and you won’t have to worry about adding grips for unwanted slipping and sliding. You’ll find plenty of non-slip rugs in different sizes and styles to fit your budget. 

A non-slip rug is a no-fuss method to try in your home and specialty rug stores like Ruggable. Every Ruggable rug is non-slip and machine washable. A non-slip rug is most likely needed to prevent slipping around if you have a hardwood or linoleum floor. 

However, if you’ve found that perfect vintage rug for your living space, you sometimes have to work around it to make it fit your space. You can purchase the rug you want and add a non-slip surface to the bottom of it afterward, though. There are many options to consider, depending on what method works best for your interior. 


While your home should be a cozy oasis, there can also be some potential hazards, especially for children, pets, and anyone with accessibility needs. Ensuring your home is safe to walk around in can be as simple as installing some non-slip grips on your rugs and floors. 

We have outlined some of the easiest ways to get your rug to stay in place, and just one or two products should be the trick. Sometimes, just one corner of your rug may be prone to moving the whole thing around, but you can easily solve it with a bit of double sided carpet tape. Or, if an area rug in your home isn’t held down by furniture, a simple non-slip rug pad underneath prevents it from moving around. 

Best of all, installation is easy to do, and any of these methods can last a long time on your floors and won’t damage your rug. Your rug can stay in place and keep your home stylish and chic.