How Much Does A Fridge Weigh?

How Much Does A Fridge Weigh

Like people, refrigerators can all be different shapes and sizes. Often what type of model you have will determine the overall weight of the fridge. Working out the average weight of all fridges can be difficult.

Because every fridge is different. But determining the weight of your fridge can be a very important requirement for when it comes time to move for example. 

How Much Does A Fridge Weigh

Of Course there are completely different types of fridges that will generally determine how much a particular fridge weighs. Different models could way less or more just based on the overall size of the fridge itself. 

When it comes to moving your fridge you don’t just need to think about the weight, you have to think about the shape and size also.

The reason for this is because depending on the shape and size will have an impact on the technique that you have to use to have the best ability to move it freely.

When moving a fridge it is always a good idea to have more than one person doing it just to make the whole activity a lot easier than having one person lifelessly dragging it around an area. 

Average Weight

Commonly refrigerators will range anywhere from 200 to 400 pounds so lets say that the average is in the middle being 300 pounds.

A smaller compact fridge will weigh between 70 pounds to 200 pounds. The weight can be determined by plenty of different things that the fridge needs to actually work.

Such as the engine internally and any added features. The added features on newer models may make the fridge a heavier one than a fridge from 20 years ago.

An ice maker for example which has a touch screen will ramp the weight of the fridge up, as well as how many doors or drawers that the fridge has.

All of these things that you may think might not be the heaviest of items help in adding up to the overall weight of the fridge so of course they are important to take them into account.

So when picking your fridge, if you notice that certain models weigh a different amount while still being, it’s normally because one fridge may have more features added to it than the other.

The newer style of refrigerators are made with different materials to minimize the weight unlike older fridges that will have been made with heavier materials making the fridge weigh a lot more than what it would today. 

Different Type of Fridges

How Much Does A Fridge Weighs

One style of fridge is a side by side one, this is a fridge that one side will be the refrigerator and the other side will be a freezer. The average weight of these will be around 270 pounds.

French door refrigerators can often look similar to side by side fridges but the difference being the freezer is on the bottom, these have become one of the most popular fridges that is available on the market. The average weight of these is around 310 pounds.

The next fridge is what is known as a bottom freezer refrigerator, this is where the fridge is on the part and the freezer is on the bottom of it, the average weight of these is 300 pounds.

The next fridge is quite the opposite to the last, being that the fridge is on the bottom half of it and the freezer is on the top half of the fridge. These weigh a little less on average, coming in at 150 pounds.

The next fridge is one of the lighter fridges that is available on the market, it is called a mini refrigerator. Depending on the model these typically weigh between 50 to 90 pounds. These are the perfect space savers if your kitchen is on the smaller side of things.

The Heaviest Fridge

As stated above the heavier fridge on average is the french food fridge. However any bottom styled freezers will often be the heaviest style fridges, the same goes for the simpler, bottom freezer fridge. Both of these fridges on average sit at the top of that list.

These can be made even heavier by adding things such as an ice maker, on average these weigh around 20 pounds.

So if you get that added to your fridge you will have to factor in that extra 20 pounds when it comes to moving it to make sure that you are moving it in the safest way possible. 

The Lightest Fridge

The lightest fridge is unsurprisingly the mini refrigerator, by design these are a lot smaller than any other of the types of fridges on this list, even by adding plenty of features on to a mini refrigerator, will still weigh considerably less than any of the bigger fridges on this list.

In Summary

The overall weight of a fridge can be difficult to work out but as mentioned earlier on it’s very important that you determine the weight of your particular fridge when it comes to moving the whole fridge, the weight and size will be impacted by how you can move the fridge.

The size of the fridge of course also has a huge impact on what the actual fridge weighs.

Like stated above, the mini refrigerator is the lightest ranging between 40 and 80 pounds whereas the heaviest on this list is the french door fridge, the french door fridge not only being a lot bigger than the mini refrigerator also has two more doors on the fridge which will have a huge impact on the overall weight of the fridge.

As well as added doors to the fridge you will have to factor in features that are added, like mentioned earlier an ice maker alone weighs on average 20 pounds.

The average weight of the heaviest fridge is 310 pounds. On average to determine the weight for all fridges it is safe to assume that they will weigh normally between 200 and 400 pounds.