10 Genius and Gorgeous Exterior Garage Lighting Ideas

Exterior Garage Lighting

Your driveway is lit… with outdoor lighting, that is. By incorporating the best outdoor lighting fixtures, you can take a bland garage exterior and transform it into a gorgeous area within minutes. These exterior garage lighting ideas offer the dual function of creating an appealing look outside the garage and providing safety. Well-lit areas deter people from breaking into the home.

10 Genius and Gorgeous Exterior Garage Lighting Ideas

There are many different types of outdoor lighting that you can incorporate for an exterior garage light to elevate the appearance of your home. Outdoor garage lighting offers a dual purpose in that they are aesthetically pleasing, so they can potentially increase the home’s curb appeal, while also functioning as security lights. 

Modern Farmhouse Framework


The modern farmhouse look has been trending over the past several years. The most appealing light fixture to add to this design is a lantern-style wall sconce on either side of the garage door. Not only do they disperse the light nicely, but many of these lanterns also have a timer that you can set. Some have motion detectors, and some operate on solar power. 

This outdoor wall light works well to pull the look together. It looks exceptional if there is a room over the garage with larger windows as the warm glow of the overhead light just adds to the warm, welcoming atmosphere of a farmhouse design. 

Sleek Modern Showstopper


For houses with a sleek, contemporary look, use soft accent lighting across the top of your garage door. This pairs well with the minimalistic look as the lights are hidden and accentuate the exterior design’s lines well. 

Soft accent lighting provides an ambient boost to the garage’s exterior that softens some of the harshness of the lines and makes the overall look more inviting while maintaining a modern flair. They also add a heightening effect when contrasted with wooden doors and darker frames and illuminate the ground and surrounding areas. 

Beginning at the Bottom

Consider incorporating hidden lights beneath your garage doors if you have a home with a wooden garage door, large windows, and steel frames. This type of lighting generates enough light to highlight the gorgeous doors and woodwork during the night yet remain out of the way from the home’s front elevation. 

It adds a warm, appealing light that brightens up the coldness of the steel frames for a welcoming atmosphere.

Stone Sophistication


Consider adding a torch-style sconce for more traditional houses. Traditional homes that contain a stone or brick façade and towers shouldn’t settle for a basic light fixture. These houses are majestic in appearance with their castle-like exteriors. Choose a sconce that is truly fitting of such grandeur by making them more decorative. 

Magnificent Modern Rustic

Good exterior design is achieved with two complementary elements. If your home is modern rustic, then adding sleek, tubular outdoor lights creates a gorgeous design balance when nestled against the board and batten siding of a garage. Not only will this outdoor light fixture add a modern flair, but it perfectly compliments the overall rustic appearance of the garage, especially when you use incandescent bulbs. 

Boxed Modern Minimalistic


When you have a minimalistic design, you don’t want a light fixture with curves, but you don’t want it to be boring, either. To add modern flair without the light fixture looking too mundane, consider using a modern up/down sconce

This exterior lighting illuminates in both directions and adds a soft accent to the house’s clean lines. This sconce looks best when flanking each side of the garage door. You can also add path lights along your driveway and in a window located above for ample lighting in your outdoor area. 

Spanish Ornamental

If you have a home with a Spanish flair and arched garage doors, consider highlighting the natural beauty of this home using ornamental light fixtures. You will have the perfect addition to an already stunning garage exterior that marries the Spanish flair with a decorative design that is so prominent in this style. 

Clean Recessed Bliss


Recessed lighting may be your answer if you want a cleaner look for your outdoor space without cluttering the front. This type of exterior lighting pairs well with most styles of homes and can be strategically placed to offer ample lighting without being clearly visible. Recessed lighting allows you to highlight any feature of your home. 

Beautiful and Bold


Black can create a bold statement over any garage and highlight more modern and contemporary homes. You can also use them for a modern rustic design, but you have to pay special attention to the shape of the light fixture.

A modern rustic look is best with rounded light fixtures, whereas modern contemporary is highlighted with ones that are squarer in appearance. There are exceptions to this, so keep in mind the style of your house when selecting exterior lights. 

Great-looking Vintage Gooseneck


For vintage homes, using a vintage-styled aluminum gooseneck light fixture creates a subtle statement for a beachy, casual home. It establishes that unique vintage flair while adding a touch of creativity, pulling the entire look together. 


These are just some lighting ideas that you can implement for your garage. When it comes to exterior garage lighting ideas, it is best to first consider the style of the house and work from there. Not all outdoor lighting fixtures will look good with every architectural style. You also have to consider your landscaping and the features of your house to make the best decision possible.