Add Warmth to Your Space with Cozy Grey Bedroom Decor


If you’re looking for a versatile and calming color, look no further than the color grey. In between shades, grey is so multi-functional because it provides that middle ground between bland and bold, and it matches with just about everything. 

A few pops of grey in a bedroom, like in linens, throw blankets, upholstery, or an accent wall, can provide a sense of calm and warmth, making for an inviting space. We’ll break down some great ways to incorporate the color grey into your bedroom design. 

Cozy Color Schemes for Grey Bedrooms

Grey has plenty of color schemes it works well with, mainly because grey can come in multiple shades and undertones. A lighter grey with blue undertones works great with other blue-toned colors, like periwinkle and navy. Meanwhile, a dark grey with white and black makes for a very minimalistic color scheme. 

Grey is a complimentary color to any color scheme because it creates that warm, inviting atmosphere without being too bold to overtake any color you pair it with. 

Grey and White

White and grey are gorgeous color combinations that provide a feeling of serenity while remaining classic in style. White can be a color that scares some decorators away because it’s easy to stain, but it can look great in any space and, with the right fabric and textures, can be easy to maintain

Grey and Pastels 

For a pop of color in a modern bedroom, match dark or light grey with some fun pastels. Stick to a minimalist color palette with a few pastel colors within the same color family. Light blues and purples will provide a sense of calm, while yellows and pinks have a warmth to them that can be comforting.

Pastel linens and pillows with grey furniture or grey carpeting can be a winning combo in a bedroom. Look for matching textures to bring the space together. 

Textures That Add Warmth to Grey Bedroom Decor

Clean modern grey bedroom with white walls and round mat

There are plenty of textures and patterns that work well with grey. If you’re looking for linens, knitted items, or general decor, look for them in shades of grey. That way, the decor can match just about anything in your space. Sticking to one color palette allows for mixing and matching different textures to create a comfortable and cozy space. 

Faux Fur

Consider adding some faux fur accents in your bedroom for a touch of luxury. A grey or white faux fur blanket draped across the edge of the bed or a faux fur rug at the foot of the bed can provide that luxe feel to the space and is less harmful to the environment.

Knit Blankets

For plenty of cozy texture, look for knit blankets in grey tones. This is where you can get creative and find whatever textures and fabrics work for your space. Above all, aim for coziness. Pick out knit blankets that you find soft and luxurious, so you’ll always want them draped on top of your bedsheets. 

Lighting Ideas for Cozy Grey Bedrooms

There are plenty of ways to add lighting to a grey bedroom, making it an inviting, warm space. While the decor and a consistent color palette are essential in creating a cohesive space, lighting is where it can all come together. Lighting should flow through the room and help the eye catch key places, so install lights where you think you’ll need them in your cozy bedroom. 

Soft Lighting

Using soft lighting in a bedroom is key to creating a cozy atmosphere. If you’ve opted for a dark grey wall, use soft lighting to enhance the color and bounce light throughout the room. 

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can be as simple as adding matching sconces on either side of the bed. Make sure to match your light bulb color to the tones in the room. Warmer-toned color palettes look best with a warm lightbulb, and accent lighting can highlight specific areas that may not get much natural light. 

Accessories That Add Warmth to Grey Bedroom Decor

Comfy grey bedroom with throw blankets and pillows on bed

A bedroom with a grey color scheme is versatile because you can find matching accessories that work great with the space. Almost every fabric, texture, and decor item is available in grey, so you can really get creative with the decor here. 

Throw Pillows

The best part about throw pillows is that you can always have more than just one. Match throw pillows in color, pattern, or texture to create a cohesive look. Or, find an accent pillow with pops of color and place them on the bed for a burst of fun in your bedroom.

Wall Art

With grey tones throughout the bedroom, you can get creative with your choice of wall decor. DIY your own painting or sketch, from a minimalistic line drawing or something fun like an abstract painting. Gather colors from around your bedroom and decide on the room’s overall color palette, and keep this color palette in mind when picking out wall art. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cozy Grey Bedroom Decor

How do I clean faux fur accent pieces? 

The best way to clean faux fur accents is through spot-treating the faux fur as soon as it’s stained. You can also hand wash faux fur or run it through a washing machine on a delicate cycle. Check the label on the decor item itself before washing to ensure the faux fur isn’t damaged after washing. 

How do I choose the right lighting for my space?

For a cozy grey bedroom interior, the right lighting is key to bringing out warm tones, which can provide a sense of calm. Look for the right light bulb color, and decide where to light throughout the space. 


Grey is a great color to add warmth to your bedroom space, not only because it’s easy to mix and match with different colors and textures but also because it’s easy on the eyes. When you walk into your bedroom or wake up in the morning, you want to feel cozy and welcomed into your space. 

Finding an interior design that works for you is key here, and it starts with the right color palette. Incorporate these cozy grey bedroom decor ideas for a warm and inviting atmosphere. You’ll probably never want to leave your bedroom!