Maximizing Space With Corner Wardrobe Ideas For Small Bedroom – 5 Great Ideas


If you’re in a small space, you know how valuable every square inch of your home can be. Every empty shelf is an opportunity for storage, and every blank wall is a chance for vertical storage solutions. 

There’s always that one area of your house that can often be severely underutilized: corners. The corner area is tricky because it requires a bit of pre-planning before getting started. 

However, with some clever shelving and storage solutions, you can turn a corner of your bedroom into a functional storage area or add-on to your closet. 

We’ve got five great corner wardrobe ideas to make the most of your bedroom space. With simple additions like wall-mounted shelving, built-ins, corners that serve multiple functions, and mirrors to the decor, you can use every inch of your space. 

Let’s explore the benefits of adding these simple storage solutions to your home’s coziest room. 

1. Maximizing Storage With Wall-Mounted Corner Wardrobes

The best part of having a corner wardrobe in your space is the benefit of maximizing storage. An unused corner instantly becomes a storage area. It can be as easy as adding a few corner shelves to your corner space. You could go so far as to transform a corner into an entire corner wardrobe or extend your current wardrobe past the wall and into the corner. 

Shelving Options

One excellent shelving option is a corner shelf. A corner shelf provides enough space when putting it flush to the corner. Another option is to install floating shelves, which provide space while giving a minimalistic design. 

For a more complete-looking wardrobe, you can install a corner wardrobe. It can be pre-made shelving installed on the wall or custom-made built-in shelving for your space. 

Hanging Space

A corner wardrobe doesn’t have to be as intricate as installing shelves. One easy way to maximize space is to install a row of hangers or a short hanging rod. That way, you can extend your current wardrobe, creating a corner area to hang up coats, bags, and purses. 

You can also incorporate hanging space into the corner along with shelving. Put up a row of hangers in the corner, then install the shelving overtop. That way, you can break apart the closet space by creating storage for coats on hangers or racks and space up top for shirts, shoes, and other items. 

2. Creating a Built-In Corner Wardrobe

Built-in corner wardrobe with spacious shelving and storage

A built-in corner wardrobe can utilize unused space in a room, providing more storage space without wasting valuable floor space. It can also be customized to fit your bedroom’s specific dimensions and layout for a seamless look.

You’ll need to find a closet system that works for you to create your own built-in corner wardrobe. Plenty of home stores, contracting companies, and local designers can work with you to create a completely customized wardrobe unit. 

If you’re just looking to install a wardrobe solely in the corner, it may cost less and be easier to install than an entire wardrobe that extends across the room. A corner wardrobe involves creating built-in shelving and drawers in the corner, which will only take up a few feet of space and run the height of the room. 

Shelves and Drawers

With a shelving and drawer unit, the built-in wardrobe maximizes organization. With the shelving unit set up for your specific organizational needs, a built-in wardrobe makes it easier to find and access what you need, which saves time and effort during that morning rush.

Sliding Doors

A built-in corner wardrobe with sliding doors helps keep a room organized and tidy and provides ample storage space for clothing, shoes, and accessories. With a sliding door, you can fit a significant amount of shelving while keeping everything neatly tucked away, hidden from view yet easily accessible. 

3. Finding Multi-Functional Corner Wardrobes

Large double-door built-in closets in empty bedroom with corner window

If you’re not looking to expand space for your clothes and accessories, a corner wardrobe may still provide some other functionality in your bedroom. 

Corner Desks

If you don’t need your wardrobe expanded for clothes and accessories, creating a corner desk area is another great purpose for a corner wardrobe. Install a corner desk with shelving overtop, which may have more storage area than a regular desk against a flat wall. 

Bedside Tables

Another great storage solution for a corner wardrobe is creating a bedside table storage area in your bedroom. If your bed is tucked to one side of the wall, a corner shelving unit above or beside can make for a great bedside table. 

4. Adding Mirrors to Corner Wardrobes

After you’ve set up your shelves, drawers, and hangers, you’ve almost got your new wardrobe ready! Don’t forget an essential part of any wardrobe or closet – a mirror for getting ready. 

Full-Length Mirrors

A full-length mirror is an excellent addition to any bedroom or wardrobe area. It not only provides you with a mirror for your closet but also gives the illusion of more space, an excellent solution for small spaces.

Door-Mounted Mirrors

You can install a door-mounted mirror if your corner wardrobe is near or adjacent to the bedroom door. This uses the door, an often forgotten-about part of a bedroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Corner Wardrobe Ideas for Small Bedrooms

How do I install a built-in wardrobe?

To install a built-in wardrobe, you’ll need to remember some things before you begin. You’ll need the exact measurements of the space where you’ll install the wardrobe, with height, width, length, and depth measurements. Built-in wardrobes are as their name suggests: they appear built into the wall. You’ll need to install a wardrobe or shelving unit and have it flush with the wall. Depending on the complexity of your build, you’ll most likely need to consult a contractor before beginning this project. Check out this video for one way of installing built-in wardrobes in a space. 

How do I choose the right size wardrobe for my space?

Choosing the right size wardrobe for your space is usually as easy as measuring out the area you’ll be installing the wardrobe and ensuring it will fit. If you’re buying the wardrobe pre-built, these measurements will need to be exact to fit the corner, so make sure you’re taking note of height, length, width, and depth measurements. 

For a more bespoke look, you’ll need a custom-built wardrobe, which can be pricier but makes a massive difference in the end. 

Can I fit a corner wardrobe in a small space?

If you’re in a small space, it may seem like there’s not enough room to fit anything, let alone an entire wardrobe. But sometimes, adding a storage area like a wardrobe can open up the space. Fitting storage solutions in less-used spaces, like a corner, can free up a wall or window area that a closet would otherwise have taken up. Vertical storage is always a great solution for anyone living in a small space. 


A corner wardrobe can transform a room to maximize your bedroom space while adding an aesthetic appeal that compliments your personal style. Suddenly, that unused corner becomes a hub for your personal belongings, a hideaway for items, an organizational tool, and an excellent display area for treasured items. Incorporate a corner wardrobe in your bedroom, especially in small bedrooms, to get the most out of your space.