3 Classy Modern Luxury Dining Table Choices to Beautify Your Home


A dining room table and chairs are the centerpiece of the dining room. It is a place where people sit and gather to enjoy a meal. It is where good conversations are born and lasting friendships are built. If you want to elevate your dining area, consider adding a classy modern luxury dining table.

When Selecting Furniture

Before selecting your dining room furniture, consider what atmosphere you want to create. Do you want a luxury dining room, or more informal home decor? What type of colors do you want to incorporate with your dining room furniture, like a dining chair or dining set? Would you like to go with wood? A classy modern luxury dining table is available in a plethora of colors, so it is easy to find one that suits your tastes.

Once you have considered the look you would like to incorporate into your interior design, you may need to consider the shape of your contemporary dining room. If you have a smaller room, you may want to go with a square or round modern dining table. These can look very sophisticated in a dining space without dominating the area.

For a large dining room, you may not want to skimp on the length of the modern dining table. If you purchase one that is too small, unless you bring in furniture like wall decor, wall lights, or accent chairs, it will look out of place in the area because it will leave too much empty space.

If you have a combination of small informal gatherings mixed with more formal affairs, you can always purchase a dining table with a leaf so that you can extend the table.

When there are only a few people gathered at the table, removing the leaf creates a more intimate affair. If extended family is visiting or you have lots of guests dining with you, a leaf allows you to extend the length. A leaf can be beneficial in both a smaller and larger room.

After this criteria has been established, consider the details of your dining space. What type of tablecloth will you choose? What are your place settings? Will you be using modern or traditional dishes? Furthermore, if you are short on storage, you may want to consider a table with built-in storage space to keep the room neat and organized.

Classy Modern Luxury Dining Table Designs

There are several designs that will look great for a classy modern dining room. With this type of design, we are looking to elevate the look of the room by incorporating a bit of elegance without taking away from the clean lines and contemporary feel of the room. 

When selecting a table, be sure that you don’t go too traditional or classical. You want to look for something with clean lines and a simple design that is on the sleek side to suit this type of style.

Round Glass Table


Round glass tables generate an intimate setting as each of your guests will sit facing each other. This is a wonderful way to encourage conversation. They are available in several styles and sizes depending on your room size. This type of table looks best in rooms that are square-shaped.

This table generates a light feeling in a room. It is the perfect option if the dining room is small as it provides the illusion of additional space. It is also easier to squeeze into tight corners, although a dining room table should ideally be placed in the center of the room.

Bowery Hill 52” Class Top Rounded Dining Table

This dining table offers a robust look with its wide legs but still comes in a very sleek black, providing that elegant touch without being too traditional. This item is sold as simply the table, but if you add some clean, off-white, elegant padded chairs with black trim, it will elevate the appearance even more.

New Classic Furniture Gia 5-Piece Set

Available in a smoky grey, this set comes in different diameters. While it doesn’t contain a glass top, it is worth mentioning due to its clean design. The chairs are counter height and contain upholstered, padded seats. The table is made from a Mindi Wood Veneer, plus solid rubber wood for a quality piece.

Sleek Black Dining Table


Black dining tables bring a modern appearance to the dining room. For a bit of flair, pair it with white place settings or chairs. This will add an extra touch of elegance.

Find one with a dark finish and simple design for an air of sophistication. The black color creates a cohesive design in the space. If you are looking for a statement piece, then the sleek black design will accomplish this.

East West Furniture 7-Piece Dining Table Set

This set provides an elegant yet modern sophistication to your dining area. The wood dining table contains a black hardwood and is accompanied by black PU leather studded chairs for that modern feel.

White Marble Dining Table


Marble is a great way to elevate a room and add sophistication. It is timeless and is a beautiful addition to any dining room. These tables are available in a multitude of colors; however, white has become a popular feature as it easily matches a variety of color schemes. Marble is extremely durable, so it easily withstands daily use.

Marble is a material designed to impress and provides elegance to any room.

Deinppa 7-Piece Kitchen Dining Room Table Set

This is a faux marble dining room table with an elegant pattern. It is easier to clean compared to other tables. The chairs contain webbed-seat suspension along with a dense foam, providing comfortable seating for guests. They are also velvet upholstered, making them more elegant, soft, resistant to pilling, and resistant to wear.

Final Thoughts

These are several ideas that you can incorporate into your dining room in terms of a classy modern luxury dining table. The circular table can be modified to an oval for larger spaces, and you can also use a small, square table in place of the circular one for smaller rooms. The principles will be the same.

For a room that is more square in shape, incorporate a square table. If the room is tight on space, you may want to consider a round table to provide the illusion of space. A quick way to tell how the shape will look is to tape off the outline in the dining area using painters’ tape. This will provide a visual reference before you purchase the product so you can be confident that you’ll like the way it will look.