Best Swivel Chair

Best Swivel Chair

No matter which room you want it to be placed in, or for what purpose, a swivel chair is a comfortable addition to any home. Also, due to their swivel design, they are a lot more convenient and come in many different styles and colors perfect for everybody’s tastes.

Even though some do resemble a regular chair these days (not all have a high swivel), it can be difficult to know what will suit a home or office without it standing out too much. 

Best Swivel Chair

One look online can bring up a whole load of swivel chairs, and who has got time to go through all of that?

To help you on your way to comfort and peace – for whatever reason – we have put together a helpful guide that will hopefully have you clued up on the type of swivel chair to go for depending on your need.

Also, check out the handy buyer’s guide at the bottom to find out specifically what to look for when seeking out a swivel chair.


Nurture& The Swivel

The last thing people think of when it comes to the home’s nursery is a swivel chair, but did you know that it is actually really convenient?

When you are holding a sleepy baby, the swivel movement can help you stand better and smoother than a regular chair. Its 200 degree movement is flexible for most needs.

The movement of the swivel can also calm the baby ready to sleep, a little like the traditional rocking horse, only this is a comfortable side to side position rather than back and forth.

The stain resistant material is perfect for when handling a child, because accidental spills do happen! The extra padded cushions can be wiped clean easily.

The USB charger is also handy if you want to charge your phone or if you need to use a USB connection for something.

It is a transitional chair that looks both smart for a nursery and a living room. Once they have outgrown their nursery and no longer need the swivel chair in there, you can move the chair into a different room.

So as well as it being super convenient, it is also a great long-term investment.

It does not have to be used for a nursery however, because it is just a general comfortable swivel chair that would be suitable for most people. It is a particular shape though, and that may not suit a taller/bigger person.

This should not be a problem however.


  • Great for a nursery – stain resistant fabric is perfect for when spending time with a baby
  • Built-in USB charger – you can charge your phone directly from the chair
  • Transitional – can go from nursery to the living room as the baby grows older


  • May not suit a tall person – due to its shape, it may not suit a taller person who wants to relax


Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel Chair

When it comes to working from home, a practical swivel chair is a must-have. A home office can also be really stylish, so including a fabulous chair into the mix is the next step, right?

This is where the Art Leon comes in. Not only does it not look like a swivel office chair, it also looks modern without it being over the top ‘fashionable’. It is also a good chair to use at a dinner table too. It is smart to use as a collection around a large table, as well as a singular chair at the desk.

With arms to rest on and a 360 degree turn, it also has beechwood legs to give it a chair vibe, rather than looking like an obvious  swivel chair. This may shock any guests that use it – and then they will want one too!

It is suggested it has ample space to sit cross-legged, however, this is only if you are a smaller person. With this in mind, it may not be suitable for anyone going up to the height of 6ft and beyond.


  • Beech wood legs – not an obvious swivel chair which may leave your guests surprised
  • A classic design – that will suit most homes without being too modern looking
  • Holds a weight of 330 lbs – a good sturdy chair to suit most people
  • Versatile – from the office desk, to the vanity – it is a chair that can be placed anywhere


  • Size – may not be suitable for everyone


Leagoo Fabric Padded Armless Home Office Desk Chair

When it comes to an office chair that looks like an office chair, then the Leagoo is your go-to. Even though stated as a home office desk chair, it can easily be used as a makeup chair or a gaming chair.

As with most of the office desk style chairs, they are versatile when it comes to a home set-up.

This simple and lightweight chair both tilts and rotates for convenience, allowing for the ultimate in feeling comfortable during long periods of sitting. The U-shaped backrest has been purposely designed to help release the back and hip of pressure.

In doing so, it will help you to sit with a correct posture, therefore avoiding any back problems in the future.

It does not have wheels which some people may find annoying when trying to move around their desk or home office. It actually looks better without wheels, making it look less ‘office’ and more ‘homely’. 

It is also armless, but you will likely be resting your arms on the desk anyway!


  • Simple – an attractive office chair that does the job
  • Lightweight and sturdy – comfortableness is at the forefront
  • Versatile – can be used in other situations such as a gaming chair, makeup chair, etc
  • U-shaped backrest – purposely designed to help release back and hip pressure for a better posture 
  • Tilts and rotates – gives you the optimum conditions to work in


  • No wheels – so you can not move around a larger desk or room
  • Armless – nowhere to rest those arms


Rosevera Hearst Swivel Accent Chair in Eclectic

If you are after a comfortable chair for the living room  – ya know, that place to sit and read your book or binge on Netflix – then the Rosevera Hearst swivel chair in Eclectic is worth a look. 

It features a deep seat that is comfortable and cosy. The structure is made from kiln-dried solid wood that is surrounded by layers of plush high-density foam cushion.

Also, you cannot see the swivel mechanism making this a great chair to have alongside the rest of your furniture, or in a room by itself just for relaxing. 

The industrial strength 360 degree swivel mechanism has been built to last which will give you peace of mind. 

The chair comes with an extra pillow for when you want even more comfort. The lumbar pillow will also add extra support to the full body. Speaking of the body, it can also hold a weight of 400 lbs, so is perfect for the majority of people.

The chair does sit low to the ground however, which may not suit everybody’s taste. Also, the taller you are, it may be quite a long way down to sit. Even so, the chair looks modern and is ultra comfy. 


  • Well-made – a kiln-dried solid wood frame is surrounded by layers of plush high-density foam cushion
  • Industrial strength swivel – has been built to last
  • 360 swivel – so you can face the whole room if you want
  • Free pillow – to add if you want more comfort and back support


  • Low chair – it does sit quite low to the ground which some people may not like


Dolonm Barrel Swivel Chair

When it comes to design and comfort, the Dolonm barrel shaped chair is a winner. Its soft foam-padded seat encases a strong and durable wooden frame. The linen fabric is also soft enough to find comfortable, as well as being easy to clean.

Its 360 degree swivel is perfect for those who want to be able to watch the TV and then turn towards a conversation. This chair lets you do that in comfort and with ease.

Also, the three cushions that come with the chair are able to be removed, so you can either use them for extra support or remove them. You can even just use your own pillows if you would prefer!

At 300 lbs, it can hold quite a lot of weight. Even though this probably is not a necessity for most people, it will give you peace of mind knowing that it will take a lot to break it.

Like a lot of comfy swivel chairs, it is rather low to the ground. It does give them a sense of cosiness however, and it is great for those who do not want to ‘step down’ from a moving chair.


  • Design – rounded barrel shape gives more comfort
  • 360 degree swivel – so you can face the conversation or the TV
  • 3 throw pillows included – you can use them or not, they are removable
  • 300 lbs capacity – it can take a lot of weight


  • Low to the ground – so it may not suit every height

Best Swivel Chair Buying Guide

Now that you have seen our top 5, take a look at the buyer’s guide where you will find the top areas to focus on when looking for a new swivel chair.


When it comes to the material of a chair, your first thought is probably something soft that will feel comfortable for long periods of time. This is true though, as the perfect chair will be something that you do not want to leave within the first five minutes of sitting down.

Not only do you want it to be comfortable, but perhaps stain resistant. Depending on what you are planning to use the chair for, this is not always necessary. But if you are planning to use it within a home nursery, it will be best to find something that you can wipe clean incase of any accidental spills.


Another obvious area when it comes to the chair is how comfortable it is. There is no point buying a chair that looks stylish but does not feel nice to sit on. Not only will it not be used as much, but it will also be a waste of money.

As much as a chair can look amazing within your design set up in the living room, make sure to pick something that ticks both the boxes of comfortableness and design. You will thank yourself for it, even if that means passing up on a design you really love because it was horrible to sit on.


Chairs come in a variety of designs or colors to suit the majority of people’s homes. Not only can you find one with a more old fashioned edge, but there are also plenty that look ultra modern or classic.

Instead of investing in a chair that is too ‘in style’, go for something that will suit your home long-term. Doing so will mean you will not be wanting to upgrade in a few months time. This will not only save you money, but will make sure you have a chair that you still love come next fall.

Added Extras

Some chairs have added extras which is always a bonus, but not a need. It is easy to get swayed by ‘free’ things or fancy gadgets, but if you do not need them, find something simpler.

Saying that, a USB port within a chair for example can be a handy added extra due to its convenience in modern life. If you have a baby to support, making sure your phone is fully charged could be a necessity. 


Remember what you wanted to buy the swivel chair for in the first place. If it was for lounging and watching TV, look for something that has good back support but will be nice to add cushions to. Comfort is ultimately key here!

If it is for a home office, you do not need complete comfortableness due to it being a chair you will only need to use for work. Okay, so you do need a level of comfort, just make sure it is a chair you will want to get up and out of without feeling too sleepy to work! Back support is also necessary too, as you will likely be sitting at a computer or laptop for a few hours at a time.

If it is for a nursery, it is better to opt for a shorter swivel of around 200 degrees so the movement is not too much. Also, it needs to feel comfortable to sit on whilst holding a baby. Also, the shape of the chair may be slightly rounded for this exact reason.


When it comes to a more comfortable swivel chair, you may find that they sit lower to the ground. Whilst for some this may be an inconvenience due to their tall height, others might be grateful due to not wanting to ‘step down’ from a moving chair.

A desk swivel chair normally sits at a standard chair height, however, they are not intended to relax in and have been created for productivity. 

So, keep in mind the height of the chair, otherwise you may find it is either too low or too high, depending on what it is you are after.


All chairs will take a different maximum weight number, and a swivel chair is no exception. When it comes to the swivel mechanism, for it to work at its best, it needs to be looked after.

One of these ways is to not put too much strain on the swivel mechanism. To put strain on it, this can be done by over exceeding the recommended maximum weight amount.

The majority of us will not even get close to the maximum weight allowance alone, but if we intend to hold a child or if two people decide to sit on the chair at once, then the weight needs to be taken into account.

Other than this, weight actually should not be an issue, because as stated, you as a person alone will not reach the maximum weight limit.

Frequently Asked Question

What Are The Benefits Of A Swivel Chair?

There are many benefits to a swivel chair, one being social interaction. Due to the nature of the swivel, you are able to turn your full body rather than strain your neck when turning from person to person, or TV to person.

Are Swivel Chairs In Fashion?

The swivel chair is a classic that has been a staple within a living room for years, if not decades. Their function and flexibility is a must-have for those who want to keep their living room sociable.

Are Swivel Chairs Comfortable?

Absolutely they are comfortable. Just like with any chair, you buy the one that suits yourself for the comfort level you are after.

They can look and feel just like regular chairs, just they swivel for ease and practicality.