Best Shower Systems

Best Shower Systems Buying Guide

This guide gives you all the information you need to know when it comes to choosing the best shower system.

There is something blissful about a good shower, even if most of the time it only takes us a good five minutes to wash ourselves and finish. After a full day of work in the office, or as a way to wake us up in the morning – a hot, soapy shower just cannot be beaten. 

Best Shower Systems Buying Guide

The majority of us have a basic shower system. It pours out water and that is that, but did you know that there can be more to your shower than you first realised? A shower can be almost spa-like with its different pressure abilities and shower heads. 

One look online and you will notice that there are so many shower systems to choose from, but with jargon that you may not quite understand. With that being the case, we have put together a list of the top five shower systems we think you will want to try out.

Also, we have put together a handy buyer’s guide at the bottom so you can take a look at the key areas to look for before you purchase a shower system. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover a shower system suitable for you!


Jcrob Shower Faucet Set

The Jcrob shower system is a fantastic choice for those who suffer from low-water pressure. Due to it being a high-pressure system, it offers consistent high-pressure water meaning you will not be left standing there wondering where all the water has gotten to.

The pressure-balanced valve within the system also helps to keep the water at a near constant temperature. A mechanism inside this valve moves to reduce, or even cut-off, the hot water.

This means it maintains a balance between the hot and cold flows of water preventing any scalding that may occur if the water was able to become too hot. 

This can happen when the water pressure drops, so having this built-in is very handy if this is what you currently suffer with when showering.

Though, as with all showers, you can adjust what temperature you would like, whether hot or cold – just it will not burn you! Phew.

The corrosion resistant material makes this suitable to be used for over 500,000 times without any trouble. Also the silicone jet nozzles can be easily wiped to ensure there is no calcium or lime build-up. This is particularly useful in hard water areas. 

The 10/12 inch rainfall shower head is not only wonderful to be under, but it is so big it will shower most of your body and feel amazing whilst doing so. Even so, due to its size it could potentially be too big for smaller bathrooms, though it should be able to fit within most of them.

The stainless steel handheld shower head is included, along with a 16 inch shower arm, a 60 inch shower hose for extra movement, and a brass shower holder. Also, it has a fifteen year warranty and lifetime service available.

This means that it will give you that reassurance you might need when buying something like a shower system. 


  • Pressure-balanced valve – will keep to a high-pressure water system, as well as stay at a constant temperature to avoid scalding
  • Highly rated – a lot of satisfied users of the shower system
  • Fifteen year warranty – will give you peace of mind


  • 10/12 inch rainfall showerhead – not a negative thing per se, but it may be too big to fit in some people’s bathrooms. 


Ello&Allo Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower System

This shower unit is good for those who want a darker bathroom. The 8 inch rainfall showerhead (like the rest of the system) is made out of brass and is colored black. It looks sophisticated and would look sleek in a modern bathroom.

It also includes a handheld shower, a 16 inch shower arm, a 59 inch shower hose (which is stainless steel), a shower holder and a shower faucet – all made out of brass unless stated otherwise. 

The three function switch lets you navigate between a few settings such as either just using the shower head, using just the handheld, or using both at the very same time if you would like even more water added to the mix. 

The multi-layer oil rubbed bronze finish has been tested with the ‘salt spray test’ proving that it is anti-corrosion. This means that it will not be ruined by daily use and will not rust in a humid environment.

It also has an easy way for any future changes to the valve because it includes a universal valve. This means that nothing will need to be altered in the future to accommodate a new valve, due to it being a universal style.

Two years warranty means that within those couple of years you can have help and replacements free of charge, giving you peace of mind if something were to happen with the shower system.

However, it does not state whether this shower system will work within a low-pressure area of water and if it is affected by it. Even so, it is a good shower system that is bound to work great in the majority of bathrooms.


  • Three functions – allows for you to use both showerheads separately or both at the same time
  • Two year warranty – if something goes wrong with the system, it gives you time to get it fixed for free
  • Anti-corrosion – it will last for ages within a humid and moist environment


  • Water pressure – does not state whether it will work good in a low-pressure area


Sun Rise Mixer Combination Shower System

If you are after something that will look sleek and expensive without breaking the bank, then this is it. Available in a variety of colors, it will suit all bathroom styles. 

This system includes an L shaped handheld showerhead, a 10 inch stainless steel rainfall showerhead and a solid brass shower mixer valve – all which are durable and hardy under humid conditions.

Due to the ten layer polished chrome plated finish, it not only offers an ultra-sleek look, but also ensures that it will be anti-corrosion within a wet environment.

Using air technology, the shower also offers a consistent and powerful rain shower with every use making it suitable for those who suffer with low-water pressure. Nobody wants a too hot or too cold shower suddenly!

The showerhead can also be moved around instead of it staying static. This is because it has a ball socket that allows for movement so you can have it aiming wherever you want for comfort whilst showering. This is also useful if you are tall. 

The shower system has a ten year warranty in case of any issues, with the shower cartridge being able to be replaced whenever due to it having a lifetime guarantee. We have spoken about peace of mind with the other two, but this one adds just that little bit extra. 

Like most showers, you may need a plumber to install it due to them having lots of tricky items for you to deal with. Other than that, it is a cheaper shower unit that looks on the expensive side – perfect for those on a budget.


  • Budget friendly – but it still look expensive and is highly rated
  • Ten year warranty – meaning you have ten years to have free replacement parts if needed
  • 10 inch showerhead – big enough to really feel like you are having a spa day every shower
  • Moveable showerhead – instead of a static one. This means you are able to move it so the water can hit you wherever you want it most which is ideal if you are tall


  • May need a plumber to install it – but this is the same with most shower systems


Cobbe Shower System

If you want something even bigger, this 12 inch showerhead will do the job, plus it looks exquisite in any bathroom that can accommodate such a large showerhead. 

The shower system also includes a brass shower faucet body, a 15.7 inches shower arm, a handheld shower head with a 70 inches shower hose attached to it. Also a shower valve and trim kit. All of the items are made out of brass for extra durability and are anti-corrosion. 

It is a high-pressure system that keeps the water flow consistent without any drops. This helps to avoid any water-pressure change or temperature change.

It also has a pressure balance valve cartridge that monitors the water balance to avoid any burning water meaning  you will not scald yourself mid-shower.

It includes a free replacement guarantee on the shower valve, which should be music to everyone’s ears! The shower valve is an important part of the shower system because it controls both the temperature and the flow of the water.

Even though nothing should go wrong, a lifetime free replacement guarantee is always a nice thing to have, plus it shows they are confident within their manufacturing of the product.

Not only that, it also includes a fifteen year warranty making sure you have free replacement options if something does go wrong with the system.

Because the showerhead is so large, it can feel like you are standing under a heavy downpour of rain. This may not be to everyone’s taste.


  • Made of brass – perfect material to avoid corrosion in a moist environment
  • Fifteen year warranty – peace of mind if you need any free replacement parts
  • High-pressure system – great for low-pressure water areas and controlling the temperature


  • 12 inch showerhead – it is not necessarily a bad thing, it may just feel too much for some people 


Ello&Allo Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

If you are after something different, and we mean way different, then this is the shower system for you. It looks a little futuristic with its LED lights and different buttons.

It also has extra functions that a normal shower system does not have, but we shall get onto that in a minute.

It looks like a massive upside down L-shape that attaches to the wall, and would suit a modern style bathroom rather than something more traditional. The body itself is made from 304 stainless steel along with a copper shower faucet and a PVC water pipe. 

As a luxury-looking shower system (which is a little different because it is a panel), it has a built-in LED temperature display, as well as an LED overhead rainfall showerhead (that can also be turned into a waterfall style – whatever suits your mood).

There are also other water functions available to make the 5 minute shower feel like a spa treatment. These are done by body massage jets, a tub spout and a very high-efficiency, multi-functional handheld shower wand.

The multi-switches allow for different combinations of water effects. The 4 adjustable jet nozzles create a power mist massage, and there are three settings for the handheld shower wand. You may also turn two functions on at the same time if you wish.

There is a two year parts warranty from the date of purchasing the product which is always handy for any big purchases, especially with something you will be using every day. 


  • Multi-functional – different ways to use the water, such as for a massage
  • LED – has modern LED lights and a temperature display
  • Two year guarantee – just in case you need parts replaced


  • May be difficult to install – even for some professionals, though it is easy with the know-how

Best Shower Systems Buying Guide

Now that you have read through our top five when it comes to shower systems, below are the key areas to look at before you finally decide on the one you want to purchase.

Pressure Valve

The pressure valve is a really important feature of the shower system and will be something you may want to make sure is the correct type for you, depending on if you suffer with low-water pressure or not during showers. As a simplified explanation, the valve helps to control the water flow. 

It does this by making sure the pressure stays the same, even if you live in a low-water pressure area, or if the water suddenly drops in pressure mid-shower. When this happens, the temperature of the water may also change to either freezing cold or burning.

A high-water pressure valve will stop these two things from happening, and will mean that even if the pressure of the water does change, you will not feel it during a shower. Also, you will not scald yourself due to the water staying at a constant temperature unless you change it manually.

With this in mind, look for a high-water pressure valve to give you peace of mind knowing that you will not have to deal with this annoyance mid-shower.

Size of Showerhead

The size of the showerhead can be an important factor, especially if you want something with a bigger range to cover most, if not all, of the body during a shower. 

Most of the shower heads that produce the rainfall water effect have a bigger surface area which ultimately feels a lot nicer. It means the in-shower experience is a little more than just a basic, boring shower.

The size of the showerhead should not matter the most, however, you will want to know whether it can fit within the bathroom and how it will look once it is installed.


The material is important because you do not want it to start becoming rusty after a year of use. This will make it work less effectively and ultimately make it break over time, and nobody wants that!

A good brass or stainless steel shower system is great for being an anti-corrosion material and for staying in good shape. Also, a lot have silicon within the showerhead to avoid lime or calcium build-up, especially in hard water areas.

So long as it is not made of plastic or another cheaper material, it should be a pretty good shower system!


For a bigger purchase like a shower system, you will want some form of warranty. Even though we buy things in the hope that it will never break, no brand can give a promise that their product will not break.

This is why a warranty is helpful, because if you need a part replaced, more often than not you will get it for free.

Always look for a shower system that has a warranty because you will be using it every day. So, instead of buying something new once a shower breaks (you never know), you will be able to get a replacement part through the post which is much more convenient. 

Frequently Asked Question

What Is A Shower System?

A shower system consists of a number of things. These are hand showers, showerheads, body sprays, volume controls and water outlets.

These make a shower more of an experience rather than just using a general basic shower with one function.

How Do I Choose A Shower System?

There are a few factors to consider before buying a full shower system to make sure you choose the right one.

One is the shower size in accordance with the layout and size of your bathroom. Also there is the water pressure, valve type and lastly, the price.