Best Carpet Color for Bedroom


The interior spaces in your home should match both your personal style and the mood you want to convey. For this, everything in a room must be considered, as it can all play a part in the style and overall mood. 

For the bedroom, decor, furniture, bedspreads, pillows, and carpets are all key elements to consider. You might forget about the carpet because you don’t find yourself looking down at it, but it makes up a huge part of the space. 

That’s why choosing the right carpet makes a huge difference in the bedroom area. Not only the placement, but what color, style, design, and pile are design factors to consider. 

What Carpet Is Best for Bedrooms? 

When choosing the best color carpet for a bedroom, you want to consider multiple factors of having a carpet in your space. First is the level of comfort that you want, which depends on pile and fiber type. There are short and thick pile carpets, and both ends of the spectrum offer different looks in your bedroom. 

Carpet is made from synthetic fibers, such as nylon and polypropylene, or natural fibers, like wool or cotton. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to consider those when looking at what color you want. 

What Carpet Color Best Hides Dirt?

If you’re looking for a carpet color that best hides dirt, it’s best to go for darker shades. A black, navy, green, or blue can hide pesky dirt and stains. Consider who is in your bedroom day to day, if kids or pets might be going over the carpet regularly, or if you want minimal upkeep on your carpet. 

Generally, darker shades are the way to go to best hide dirt on a carpet. It depends on your preference on what shade you’ll want to go with, as well as if you want a solid color or a patterned rug. Depending on color, carpets with a pattern or texture can easily help hide dirt and stains. 

What Is the Bedroom’s Color Theme?

If your bedroom is already decorated, match the carpet according to the room’s main colors. You may have heard the term color theme or color story, which simply means the color palette incorporated into the room or house. 

If you’re not sure what the color theme of your bedroom is, it’s a great time to walk around your space and see what colors are there. If there are a lot of whites and grays, then opting for a gray-toned carpet might be your best bet. 

For colorful rooms, like a kid’s room, there may be four or five main colors included in the decor. In this case, keep it simple and stick to a solid-colored rug within the theme or something with a minimal pattern. That way, you can stay on the color theme while keeping the room bright and fun.

Should Carpet Be Darker or Lighter Than Wall Color?

If you’re wondering if your carpet should be darker or lighter than the main wall color, the answer depends on the room size. One of the main things to consider in a bedroom is how spacious you want it to feel. 

For an open and airy feel, choosing light colors will reflect light and make the room feel bigger. Then, choosing a carpet lighter or similar to the wall color is the best way to go. 

However, in a larger bedroom, a darker color is often the best choice, as it can anchor the space and make the room feel cozier and more intimate. Pairing a darker-colored carpet with dark-colored bedding and decor helps bring the color theme together as well. 

Additionally, your design style plays a role in the color of the carpet. A darker-colored carpet might fit a more formal and traditional space, while a lighter carpet fits a modern, minimalist design style. 

If you have a paint sample or paint chip of your wall color, bring it with you while rug shopping. That way, you can see what color tones match best with the wall color, and the color is more accurate than a picture from your phone, which is often bluer in hue. 

Gray Tones

Modern cobalt blue bedroom with gray-toned carpet

Gray-toned carpets are a great color choice for the bedroom, as they are versatile and minimalistic in design. Gray is a calming and soothing color, so it can help create the relaxing and restful environment you want for your bedroom. 

Gray, however, does not mean boring. You could choose a solid light gray or dark gray color to keep it simple and calming, or go for an interesting print that is also easy to clean and maintain. Something like this Persian-style rug is subtle while still adding style to your bedroom. 

Blue Tones

Blue is often considered a relaxing color, making it the perfect theme for your bedroom. A carpet with blue tones or a solid-colored blue carpet can add a touch of tranquility and has a soothing effect from the minute you walk in the door. 

Light blue tones create a fresh and airy feel, and a darker blue carpet adds depth to the space. Light blue carpets are great for bedrooms, like this fluffy carpet with a thick pile that makes it feel like your bed is on a cloud in the sky. 

Brown Tones

Elegant, open master bedroom with light brown carpet

Neutral color carpet is a great choice for a bedroom, as brown tones add warmth to the room. For anyone looking for a bohemian or minimalist style, a light beige carpet with a natural texture provides a subtle touch to the flooring. 

Meanwhile, a neutral brown can be either bold or subtle, depending on the carpet texture. A smooth and sleek carpet with brown tones can incorporate well into the space with minimal effort, while a textured, plush brown carpet can be seen as a statement piece. 


Choosing the best carpet color for bedroom coziness depends on a few key factors: color theme, decor, room size, and personal style. Light-colored carpets certainly give that airy and open feel, while a darker shade adds depth and warmth to a cozy room. 

If you’re unsure what color you want, opt for a neutral color like gray or beige. They’re always a safe bet and can usually be incorporated into any design style. Or think out-of-the-box and choose a bright and bold color, and design the bedroom around the carpet! Ultimately, you want your bedroom carpet to make you feel at home.